Secret Mommy-hood Confession Saturday

This bothers a bunch of my family and friends but…

I don’t do the telephone.

I hate it.

Talking on the phone for non-business reasons gives me hives.

Ok, to be honest, I am not a fan of making business-type calls either.  But when I can have a script in my head of what is going to be said by me and then by the person on the other end?  I am better than just a friendly call.

Most people think I am just being silly when I tell them to text or email me, and they call me anyway.  And they go to voicemail.  And they get a text back.

I am serious, people.

I don’t do the phone.

Yes, I will return parent phone calls at work and occasionally make calls to parents when it’s necessary.  But I prefer email or face to face.

The only person…and I mean ONLY person…I do not feel weird with on the phone is my mom.  I call her ALL THE TIME.  Probably because she is my mom.  I don’t need a script with her.

But even with Cort…I prefer an email if I am at work or a text if I am elsewhere.

It doesn’t help that I HATE to be on the phone outside of my house even more than I hate being on the phone inside my house.

I don’t hear people well on the phone…that could be another one of my issues.  And because it’s the phone I can’t figure out what they are saying by gestures of facial expressions.

Yes, I have had my hearing checked, and even after the years of loud concerts it is perfect.

So I don’t know.

I don’t even like to call for pizza or Chinese food.

It is that bad, people.

Cort tries to MAKE me call sometimes, but it’s of no use.  I will change my mind about dinner just so I don’t have to call for it.

(On a side note:  God bless online ordering.)

I am just better in writing.

Writing gives me time to think…to pick just the right words.

I like to think I am great at communicating in writing.

On the phone (and even sometimes in person)?   Not so much.

I am awkward.

So now there are people out there who are begging me to get on skype.

What are you trying to do to me, people?

About Katie

Just a small town girl...wait no. That is a Journey song. Katie Sluiter is a small town girl, but she is far from living in a lonely world. She is a middle school English teacher, writer, mother, and wife. Life has thrown her a fair share of challenges, but her belief is that writing through them makes her stronger.


  1. Tim@sogeshirts says

    I get this. I really don’t like the phone much unless its a business call. Even then I have to prepare notes so I’m not that big a fan.

  2. I hate the phone too! I think it goes back to when I was a full-time reporter and had to talk to people all day. I’m also incapable of small talk. It makes me nervous.

  3. I am with you on this. I’ve gotten better at it, the older I get, because I have to do so much phone work for you know, work. But mostly? I prefer email. Or letters. Or text. I like being able to formulate my words so that I sound smart, witty and charming. Email lets me do that. 🙂

  4. I could have written this word for word because I have the exact.same.issues with the phone. Thank BOB for texting!

  5. my wife is the same way. I’m old school. I’d rather talk in person or over the phone. Funny post

  6. Oh my god, thank you for sharing this. There really are moments when I’m surprised to know that I’m not the only one who feels a certain way about things.

    I HATE using the phone. Hate it. And you know who hates it even more than me? My husband. This makes life really fun! Sigh.

  7. I don’t do the phone for “unscripted” calls. There are just too many variables, one being that I am completely incapable of tossing out the right words on a whim, and the other being that I am often distracted by other things and don’t feel I’m giving the caller and their conversation the attention it deserves. So text me. And I will think through and give you the best response I have.

  8. HATE isn’t strong enough of a word to describe my loathing for the phone. Text me, email me, Skype me, FB me, Twitter me….whatever….but please don’t make me get on the phone. I could’ve written this myself!

  9. I’m not really a phone person, either, and FB, Twitter, text and email just made it worse!

  10. I could’ve written this post verbatim.

  11. At least with Skype you will get the benefit of facial expressions.

    When I was a teen, I was the stereotypical phone talking girl….for HOURS! Now, I would much rather email you.

  12. A-MEN! I only started texting late last year – I never want to talk to anyone ever again. Turns out those darn teenagers are pretty smart.

    It pains me to write that.

    I promise never to call you. Ever. My sister in muteness.

  13. Oh man, Katie…I HATE the phone! Even to call my mom! I will avoid it at all costs, and like you I do best with a script!

    Even with good friends, I prefer writing or face-to-face.

    Am I doomed?

  14. I hear you and you are not alone. I have gotten better as I have gotten older and my girls have gotten older but it is still hard for me to pick up the phone and talk to people. If it is an especially important call I still write down “talking points.”

    Unrelated: do you use a different application for your comments or is it just wordpress standard issue? Curious for my own blog. Thanks!

    • tell me about it…i HATE calling people. I feel bad for my poor grandma who would LOVE a phone call from me…but I suck at it!

      I just use whatever wordpress gives me. it’s been great to me so far!

  15. I used to be a phone person. I was a big phone person. And when I was dating my husband (the man who later became my husband…c’mon…you know what I mean! ;>), I so did not get how he (or anyone) could not be a phone person. Then I had kidlets. Friends didn’t want to talk while the kidlets were up (too noisy for them) and quite frankly, I didn’t want to talk once they were sleeping….that was my quiet time. And so the ever chatty via the clickety clack on a keyboard me became even more in love with the magical letters all layed out before my fingers, waiting to be pressed. And used the phone, less and less…and less. So, now, I’m not much of a phone person. There are a few people I still prefer the phone with (aka THEY are more expressive that way), but in general, I love going clickety clackety across the keyboard many a moment o’ the day! :>

    First time visiting you here and mighty glad to pop in on a post that I can very much relate to! Oh yea..and don’t even get me started on skype! lol

    • Karen,
      so glad to have you stop by! And yes…this is EXACTLY what I am like…can’t talk while Eddie is up because me on the phone is like a magnet to him yelling in my ear. And once he is asleep? I do not want to spend my precious “quiet” time on the phone. so tappity tappity….the computer it is!!!

      So glad you get it. I love people who get it! Yay!

  16. You know, I totally agree. I remember my teenage days when my friends spent hours and hours on the phone discussing the days events they already chewed back and forth during the time spent together. I was alway cutting them short on the phone and they were acepting that and were waiting until the next day to talk again, when we met anyway.
    I’d rather see peoples eyes when I’m having a conversation and their face at least (Skype supports this nowadays). Or spend time while reading their message and think it through. But I think it depends a lot on the way you grew up using the phone.

  17. I am almost the same as you.
    When I’m at work I talk on the phone all day long, but it has a purpose. When I’m at home, I’ll call for pizza because it has a purpose. Just randomly calling to talk to people?? No thanks. I want nothing to do with it!!

  18. I used to have to do the discharge phone calls at work and I loathed every second
    Of it. I had to call every patient who was discharge and had to ask a set of questions pertaining to their stay. Talk about nerve wracking.
    I also feel like my personality shines far brighter than I do in real life. I am actually quite shy and quiet 😉

  19. I’m so glad to know I am not alone. I’ve always felt like a freak about this. People treat me like I’m crazy. But I HATE talking on the phone. Cannot stand it. My mother? So does not get this. She’ll call me multiple times a day, and basically have nothing to say. She loves to chat. Forget about a lack of interest, with a toddler running around my house, I don’t have time to talk on the phone! LOL

  20. I love trailing these secret mommy confessions, too.

    I hate to answer the phone, but talking on it?

    I love it.

  21. I can’t order pizza on the phone. I either order it online or I make Tim call. In emergency situations (AKA, I HAVE to call) I have to have a script written out. I am THAT horrible on the phone. It’s actually really debilitating for me. I get all shaky and my heart starts racing when I have to make phone calls. At work I MUCH prefer email over phone calls and my boss calls me out on it ALL THE TIME! It’s actually really embarrassing!

    And I’m TOTALLY with you on the mom thing. I can talk to her for ages on the phone!

  22. Holy cow, I didn’t know there were so many other people with weird phone issues out there! All of my friends think I’m nuts! I hate talking on the phone for any reason and would prefer any and all conversations by text, even if it means I have to send 30 texts for something I could get across in a three minute phone conversation.

    When I’m on the phone at home, I pace. Even if it’s someone I’ve known my entire life, I pace and place and pace. You’d think that people I’ve been talking to for 20 years, I’d be more comfortable, but not so much. Ugh.

  23. I’m exactly the same EXACTLY!! I don’t even phone to order pizza.. Drives my husband crazy. And, I will go to ridiculous lengths to get out of calling someone. I’ve actually had full-blown panic attacks about calling people… It’s ridiculous. And, I don’t even call my closest friends because I’m so freaking awkward on the phone. Everyone knows that they need to email or text me. Always!!

  24. Okay. All I have to say is WHO ARE ALL THESE PEOPLE IN YOUR COMMENTS WHO CLAIM TO HATE THE PHONE? Because everyone I know still tries to call me.

    This part – “Most people think I am just being silly when I tell them to text or email me, and they call me anyway” -is my life.

    Seriously. No matter HOW many times I tell people I hate the phone, they don’t listen. I see their number on caller ID and think, “Is she insane???” I am not kidding, people.

    I sometimes don’t listen to voicemail messages for days just to prove my point: I don’t even want to hear their MESSAGES on the phone.

    And online ordering. Yes yes yes. I refuse. Don’t even want to schedule my gyno appointment that’s due.

    But that might be for different reasons…I’ll admit.

    Okay. I have issues. But apparently, I’m not alone.

  25. You’re not alone! I used to be terrified to call and order a pizza. And now? I don’t have to. Thank you, internet. In the voicemail message I recorded at my last job, I left my email address and told people they would get a faster reply if they emailed me. Unfortunately, some people process things better via hearing than visually 🙁 Not me though!

  26. I am SO with you. Thank God I live in 2012 when it is slightly more socially acceptable to “speak” to people, even family, solely in type.


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