For the Love…of Blogging GIVEAWAY #8

This is it!  The end of the For the Love…Of Blogging Week!

You made it to the end…and as a reward?  GIVEAWAYS!

My eighth giveaway today is someone I love as a friend, a blogger, and a crafty crafterson.  Torie is one of the sweetest ladies you will ever meet, and she happens to be the genius behind….

It is NO secret that I am love with everything Torie makes.  If you see me regularly, at LEAST once a week I am rocking something I bought from her shop!

Here is what Torie has to say about her store…

My name is Torie and I am excited to share my work with you! I am a stay at home mom to a wonderful little girl named Rylie. She is the reason for opening up my shop. I love accessories of all kinds. I started out making baby and toddler hair products as a hobby when I realized that all women want to look and feel pretty no matter their age. Thus, Twenty Five Design was created.
My goal is to provide you with funky, fresh and inspired accessories for adults. I pride myself in offering high quality items for you and those you love at an affordable price.

And Torie is so awesome that she is offering ALL of you a 15% discount on your ENTIRE purchase with the code BLISS15 (for today only! so HURRY to her shop!)

And she is giving one lucky reader a headband AND a ring of your choosing!
Yes.  This is outstandingly awesome.

You have TWO ways to enter:

1) Tell me what accessory you NEVER leave the house without and why.


2) Tweet about the giveaway and then come here and leave a comment that you tweeted.  You can make something up, but if you are all lazy like I am, you can just copy and paste this:

I love blogging and I love giveaways!  Enter to win with @ksluiter and @25Design

That’s it!

Of course you should go browse (and then buy!) in her shop.

You should follow her sweetness on twitter.

You should like LOVE her on facebook

and of COURSE you should follow her blog!

This giveaway ends Sunday, January 30 at noon est.  Winners will be chosen by and posted that same day.

The fine print:  Twenty Five Design is providing the spoils for this giveaway.  I have gotten nothing in return other than the joy of giving you something I love from someone I love.
About Katie

Just a small town girl...wait no. That is a Journey song. Katie Sluiter is a small town girl, but she is far from living in a lonely world. She is a middle school English teacher, writer, mother, and wife. Life has thrown her a fair share of challenges, but her belief is that writing through them makes her stronger.


  1. I never leave the house without my wedding ring and I rotate through my favorite necklaces. Would love to receive a headband!!

  2. Is it cheesy if I say it’s my wedding ring? Cause it’s my wedding ring 🙂

  3. Is chapstick considered an accessory? Not really. That’s what I never leave the house without. Usually it’s my wedding ring, but it’s been bugging me lately so I haven’t been wearing it as much. However, I have been on a funky accessory kick for a while and this would do the trick nicely!

  4. yay! wedding ring & a necklace – always!

  5. I always have earrings on – my ears just feel naked without them!

  6. I don’t leave the house without my wedding band or I feel naked.

    (This is the giveaway I have been waiting for all day!)

  7. I never leave the house without my wedding ring and earrings.

  8. Accessories??!! Three year old twins + a one year old…I’ve gotten in the habit of no accessories. Ready to change that!

  9. My Gussy because it hold my money and chapstick hehehe

  10. Tweeted


  11. my iphone? is that an accessory? My hubs would say it is permanently attached.

  12. My wedding right which is obvious. But unless I am going to the gym, I never leave the house without my necklace that has my son and husband’s initials on it!

  13. I never leave the house without my wedding rings and my diamond necklace that I received for my wedding from my mom that has my grandma’s diamond in it. 🙂

  14. Tweet, tweet. 🙂

  15. My watch. Sometimes I think I’m the last person on the planet under 30 that still wears one, but I love it!

  16. Tweeted @julia_goolia13

  17. Do my sunglasses count as an accessory?? I definitely *need* more accessories so I would love to win this! 🙂

  18. I never leave home without a hair tie…either in my hair or on my wrist. Lame, I know…that’s why I NEED a headband or ring or cuff from 25Design!!

  19. And I tweeted! @lilmissrysmama

  20. I never leave the house without my earrings. I ALWAYS wear a pair of earrings, no matter what!!

  21. So cute! I never leave the house without my watch. I feel nekkid if I don’t have it on!

  22. And I tweeted!

  23. I never leave the house without my credit card! I wish I could say my wedding ring but that sucker hasn’t fit in years – stupid fat pregnancy hands.

  24. I constantly leave the house without my wedding ring! But never without my cell phone and a diaper. LOL

  25. I tweeted! @lovebigbake

  26. I NEVER leave home without ponytail holders. Does that count? I have thick, thick hair & always end up pulling it back.

  27. I need leave without my wedding rings & watch.

  28. tweeted! @scbrown929

  29. I never leave the house without my ‘Nothing is Impossible’ ring. It is invaluable to be.

  30. tweet tweet!


  31. I never leave without my watch, wedding ring and iPhone. I feel lost without each one. If I can remember then I always put on earrings and either the necklace my dad gave me or the one my hubby gave me.

  32. wedding ring and a usually a ponytaill holder on my wrist.

  33. I always wear my wedding ring (unless it is super duper hot and my fingers are swelling hahaha). Also, when I work? my watch.

  34. I tweeted @pinkflipflops44

  35. A ring I bought at a music festival while studying abroad (in South Africa) – I feel naked without it!

  36. Definitely my wedding ring…always have it on!!

  37. wedding rings & earrings!

  38. tweeted! @kecameron

  39. & i tweeted as well. @thelushers

  40. I never leave the house without a necklace. I just like to have something to play with, I guess.

  41. My wedding ring is getting repaired but, that is usually a given. So, my 2nd accessory is always earrings. Gotta have some on 🙂

  42. Bobbie pin 😉
    I have bangs and some times they can get all up in mah eyes when I’m working. I always carry them with me. I also am a huge fan of hair bands 😉

  43. Tweeted!

  44. I never leave without my engagement & wedding ring. My only jewelry staples. lol

  45. tweeted.

  46. I never leave the house without my wallet!

  47. tweeted! (@babybablemon)

  48. I never leave without my purse. and, that’s my only accessory! lol

  49. I never leave the house with out my wedding ring and some sort of hair clip or head band.

  50. Tweeted!

  51. never leave the house without my vintage pearl necklace. it has my kiddos b stones on it!

  52. I have three that I (almost) never take off: my wedding ring, earrings, and pendant necklace with an “E” on it (my son’s initial).

  53. I do not leave my house each and every morning for school drop off without a pair of earrings. I may not get all dolled up to drop off the kindergartner, but earrings at least make me feel like I attempted.

  54. I never leave the house without my engagement ring. Before I was engaged I consistently wore a blue sapphire he bought me for Valentine’s Day. I love how wearing jewelery from him makes me feel that he his never far away:)

  55. I never leave without my Miche purse. I would say wedding ring but since baby #2 it still doesn’t fit!

  56. I never leave the house without a hair elastic. I start off with nice hair but by the end of the shopping trip I`m all frazzled.

  57. tweeted

  58. Definitely my wedding ring. Never leave the house without it. It is my most treasured, favorite accessory.

  59. I tweeted! 🙂

  60. My wedding ring is always on (except when I’m sleeping), and my little gold necklace with a tiny heart is always on, my watch and my faux diamond stud earrings. And then I add different necklaces, bracelets as my mood permits.


  61. My engagement and wedding rings are the accessories I never leave home without. The main reason I never leave without them are because they never leave my finger! Thanks!

  62. The beautiful necklace my husband gave me with both of our boys names.

  63. missy widener says

    my favorite turquoise ring that I won on ebay for $8. my very first ebay win and attempt at a win and the most coolest ring EVah.

  64. Amanda Venema says

    I’m not a huge accessories person, so the one thing I always leave with is my wedding ring…aside from that, I am kind of a simple gal!

  65. I never leave the house without my rings; wedding, engagement and a claddagh the hubby bought me on our honeymoon in Ireland. Boring, I know… but some of these darling Twenty Five Designs accessories would help! LOL