For the Love…Of Blogging GIVEAWAY #4

This is it!  The end of the For the Love…Of Blogging Week!

You made it to the end…and as a reward?  GIVEAWAYS!

Our next giveaway is from Sluiter Nation’s very first sponsor: Bird E Studios

Bird E Studios is my very lovely friend, Erika’s shop.  Here is what she has to say about it:

Bird E Studios is my little shop where I pour my heart into creating hand-sewn pieces for your little one and pet. It is my creative outlet and my excuse to have yards and yards of fabric filling every shelf in my studio. When I’m not busy sewing, I’m probably off day dreaming about escaping to a ski town in the mountains, re-doing the living room decor (again…), or making to-do lists in pretty notebooks. Bird E is my reminder to do what you love, and love what you do.

Erika is unbelievably talented:

She also has the biggest heart of almost anyone I know!  She has recently started the non-profit Blankets for Hope:

Before my cousin Cullen passed away this past November, I was thinking about what I could do with my shop, to really give it meaning. To make a difference, to do good things, other than just providing stuff. While the stuff is lovely, I wanted Bird E to be a part of something bigger; to do something to help others. And so, {Blankets for HOPE} was born. While Cullen was ill, I I wanted so badly to be able to help in some way, but felt there was little I could do to make him feel any better. The only thing I could think of was to sew up a fleece blanket for him to have at the hospital. My aunt told me what a comfort it was to always have that blanket there, and the fleece was the perfect soft touch when he was feeling so miserable. Why not do something to help other kids also in the hospital have that same sense of comfort? While it is a small gesture, and one that certainly won’t cure their ills, any act to soothe these kids souls is a good thing.

She is awesome, yes?  To learn more about Blankets for Hope, go here. Soon you will be able to donate materials or money to Erika for her project, and Sluiter Nation will be here to tell you how!

Now I bet you are wondering how to get your hands on some Bird E Studio goodness, right?

Well dear Erika is giving one of YOU a $25 shop credit to Bird E Studios (excluding dog collars)!

You have TWO ways to enter:

1) Tell me what you would spend your shop credit on from Bird E Studios!


2) Tweet about the giveaway and then come here and leave a comment that you tweeted.  You can make something up, but if you are all lazy like I am, you can just copy and paste this:

I love blogging and I love giveaways!  Enter to win with @ksluiter and @simplerika

That’s it!

Of course you should go browse (and then buy!) in her shop.

You should follow her sweetness on twitter.

You should like LOVE her on facebook

and of COURSE you should follow her blog!

This giveaway ends Sunday, January 30 at noon est.  Winners will be chosen by and posted that same day.

The fine print: Bird E Studios is providing the spoils for this giveaway.  I have gotten nothing in return other than the joy of giving you something I love from someone I love.
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  1. You know what? I’d get me puppy a new collar 🙂

  2. My BFF just had a baby boy….I would buy her something beautiful for him.

  3. Bibs bibs bibs… you can never have enough in that first year when they drool more than anything else!

  4. Tweeted. @lovebigbake

  5. Oh my…these are lovely. I would love to find the perfect gift for my wonderful friend, Jessica who is having her second baby in June. The baby will be spoiled regardless – baby Alli is my niece after all!

  6. Tweeted! @lettybug

  7. Oh my! So hard to choose! Love the diaper clutches, but as they all seem to be sold I would certainly love to get a beautiful set of burp clothes. The bib with the big cherry red flower is beautiful too.

  8. Tweeted! @upnorthtwinmom

  9. I would purchase burp cloths for my neighbor. She us due to have a baby boy next month.

  10. Truly? I’d probably buy something fun for a PPNB giveaway. Cause…my peeps deserve fun stuff.

  11. I’d get baby bibs or diaper clutches to give to friends as new baby gifts!

  12. tweeted!

  13. I’d get the Clovers in Espresso Collar for my poochums. It’s so cute!a

  14. i will take everything in the woodcut petals in pink collection, please and thank you!

  15. and i tweeted!!

  16. I would spend it on a baby gift for a friend due any day now!

  17. Her bibs are really cute, so I’d get a few of those (really like the Simple Flowers in Cherry).

  18. I really love the diaper clutches but it appears they are all sold out. 🙁

    In that case, one of my best friends is having a baby girl in March, so I’d buy her something fabulous. Adorable stuff!

  19. Diaper clutch, for sure! If those aren’t available, a cute bib 🙂 Love this stuff!

  20. i would get a diaper clutch!

  21. Diaper clutch and burp cloths!

  22. Great stuff! I’d either get a blanket (love blankets) or try to get my hands on one of those diaper clutches. Too cute.

  23. I love the diaper clutches if any more appear in the shop!

  24. Tweeted!

  25. I would love any if the baby items. They are so cute. And no I’m not prego, yet.

  26. I love everything, but probably a cute new diaper clutch!

  27. tweeted @kecameron

  28. I’d get some bibs. Love the Baby Bib in Honeycomb! 5 bucks! Seriously?

  29. I’d totally get the dog collars! Specifically the burst of green. My fur baby just had a birthday and needs a sweet gift. Plus he’s just awesome to me 😉

  30. Tweeted!!

  31. I would get some new bibs for Little Hannah for sure!!!!

  32. tweeted.

  33. I would get a diaper clutch if they were restocked and maybe some burp cloths, for a gift or a future baby.

  34. Tweeted! (@babybabylemon)

  35. I would get my poochie a new collar. its been a while

  36. tweeted

  37. My friend just had a baby girl, so probably something I could give to her.

  38. This is one I would really love to win, especially if I have a girl. I just love those burp rags!!!

  39. The bibs are so adorable and I have 3 nieces coming this year and need some fun gifts for them.

  40. Love everything, especially the bibs!

  41. I would pick out something lovely for my little baby girl!

  42. I would wait until there are more Diaper Clutches (sold out right now) and buy one (no colour preference, they look like they sell fast), and then two bibs. I really like the clutches!

  43. tweeted

  44. I would get a diaper clutch! So cute!

  45. My bff just had a baby, so I would probably spend it on something for her!

  46. Tweeted!

  47. How sweet and inspiring. I would use the credit toward a fleece blanket and give the blanket to the women’s shelter here; I donated all of my pregnancy clothes there and most of the babe’s outfits he outgrows go to the shelter (some I have to keep for memories). They would love a new blanket!


  48. The bibs are my new must have.

  49. thepricklypinecone says

    I would buy the adorable chenille burp cloth trio – blue green!

  50. I think I’d spend my credit on burp cloths or bibs. I mean a baby wants to spit up on something pretty and instead of a pretty shirt, why not give them a pretty burp cloth. 🙂

  51. tweeter, deeter pumpkin eater

  52. You know, I’m torn… I’d either get a diaper clutch for myself, since I’m trying to ditch the big diaper bag all the time, or something pretty for my sister, who’s 11 weeks pregnant with #3!