Top Ten Tuesdays: Sluiter Nation Fix-ups

This week’s Top Ten is all about the things Cort and I would like to do to our house aka the physical Sluiter Nation.

We bought the Sluiter Nation casa exactly six years ago.  I moved in and six months later, after a lovely wedding, Cort moved in with me.

We have made some improvements on our house, which we bought new, but not very many.  Most deadlines we gave ourselves came and went because of lack of money or time.

Whatever the reasons, we still have a list of things we would like to do…aside from pack up and move to a larger place.

#10: I want to NOT see our weird neighbors.  Or more specifically, I want them to not see us.

See that larger “shed” back there?  Yeah, that belongs to our weird neighbor, Scary Terry.  We watched him ignore the instructions when he built that thing.  He had left over parts.  Also?  The roof caves in every winter.  To “get ready for winter”?  He goes inside and bangs the dents out.  This is the least of his weird.  I want a fence.  A tall one.  That you can’t see through…although you have to admit my drawing is fantastic.

#9 While we are outside…I would like to landscape the backyard a bit.It’s hard to see right now due to the snow, but we have a great backyard.  Cort has mad lawning rearing skills, yo.  I would really love to have a berm or something that, um, hides that large pole which is technically on our property.  Also a nice little flower bed next to the patio would be quaint.

#8 A Second Bathroom.

We have been excited about this bathroom since we moved in.  We even got the matching stuff for it as a wedding gift.  Five and a half years ago.  I have paint colors picked out.  I am pretty sure they don’t make the color I picked anymore.  Nevertheless I want this done.  WE want this done.  Before we have to have 12 adults and 1487979874232602 kids at our house this coming summer.  Yeah.  One bathroom won’t hold all that.

#7. A Big Boy bedroom for Eddie

Again, technically this room has been a “room in progress” for the past six years.  You can see how far we have gotten. Stuff we don’t want to look at or think about live here.  But instead?  We would love for our little man to live here.  Some changes may need to happen.  Like why do we have all those boxes?  yeah, I don’t know either.  And please ignore the fashionable tacky dust ruffle that is serving as a curtain so neighbor kids (aka Scary Terry’s offspring) don’t come and take a gander at our treasures crap.

#6 Organization

I didn’t even bother to spruce this picture up.  I mean, you can see my unmentionables hanging there to dry.  I think that spruces it up all on it’s own.  Anyway, this is our laundry room/storage room/my office.  It is sad.  Granted, it is MUCH more organized than it used to be (see my tubs with the labels for Eddie’s clothes.  Yeah, I am awesome).  We would like to finish this room–not just for looks but for functionality.  We need a shelving system.  We need this room to WORK for many different things.  Right now?  it is sort of a cold, scary place to be.

#5. Speaking of Organization…

I know one of Cort’s big wishes is to finish dry walling the garage and seal the cement.  I know he would like to get some sort of organizational system in here as well since we have a gallon of crap to fit in a pint-sized pail.   Oh…and two new vehicles would be nice too.  Just sayin’.  ya know, if we’re wishing here.

#4. Tile

I just really hate linoleum.  This was put in before we had a chance to choose otherwise.  It’s in our bathroom and entryway too.  I hate it.  I discolors.  It gets funky spots.  It’s just ugly.  Tile, please. (oh and I would also like new carpet.  We put the carpet that is in the basement in after we moved in and it is AWESOME.  I would like that throughout the house.  This “factory” shiz?  Sucks the big one).

#3. A face lift for our side lot

Ok perhaps we don’t need huge crazy flowers and a random happy little family trollop-ping through the yard, but it would be nice to get this cleared of the brush, leveled and then seeded so I can add pretty landscaping later.  Having the yard would just be nice.

#2. A bigger deck…and a way off from it.

Ok this was my craptacular attempt at creating stairs going DOWN from our deck.  As it is right now?  You can only get on and off the deck by way of the slider in our dining room.  Annoying seeing as we created a lovely patio just below with some lovely patio furniture.  However, if your hotdog is being made on the “upper deck” since it’s close to the kitchen, you would have to go inside the downstairs slider, go upstairs, through the kitchen and out to said “upper deck” to get your tasty wiener.  Then you would have to turn around and make this odyssey again to sit comfortably on the patio with your treat.  Now imagine if you forgot to get chips and dip.  Seriously.  it sucks.

Love the deck.  Hate the inconvenience.

#1. A family room we can use as a family

Our family room was the first thing we “finished” when we moved in.  It has soft, squishy carpet, warm colored walls, and awesome art (Pearl Jam and REM concert posters that are custom framed).  But there is just too much crap lying around too.  Take Cort’s Corner, for example.  While I like our desk and printer “stand” much better than what we used to have, there is still just too much lying around to let a toddler loose in here.

And what you can’t see in the top picture is the huge rack of video games and dvds that are just waiting to be pulled off shelves and tossed about.  Something needs to change.  We are super close to this being a great family room.  We just need a little more work put in…this is actually on the To Do list for Christmas break.  And when Cort gets a job (because he SOOO will), we would LOVE to get rid of the ugg-o furniture and get a nice, comfy sectional that we can all pile on for family movie night.  And maybe get a TV from this decade.  Ahem.

We love our little house…we really do…but there are somethings that we would like to make better.

How about you?  Is there anything YOU would change about your house?

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Just a small town girl...wait no. That is a Journey song. Katie Sluiter is a small town girl, but she is far from living in a lonely world. She is a middle school English teacher, writer, mother, and wife. Life has thrown her a fair share of challenges, but her belief is that writing through them makes her stronger.


  1. My office is in the laundry room in the basement too!! I hate it. A lot. Thankfully it’s warm down there or I’d never make it down there. I don’t like going down there because the laundry taunts me.

    • I hate my office space too…I love that I have an area, but I wish that I could make it more inviting!

  2. I’m in awe of the fact that you have WRAPPED presents in your family room. I know, this whole thing and that’s what I take away from it.

    Lovely drawings! Great ideas too! I’m so jealous! I just want a house that we actually OWN!

    • dude. all of my presents are wrapped. it’s how I roll. I can’t stand to have unwrapped gifts. If it’s bought? it’s wrapped.

  3. Personally, I believe that a photo with a fantastic red bra needs no further enhancements.


    I know your angst.

    And you clearly have a flair for imaginary landscaping. I think you should go into the business.

    • it is a saucy pink bra, but yes. no further enhancements necessary.

      perhaps I can give up teaching for imaginary landscaping. I can do that from my jammies.

      yes, I like the sound of that.

  4. I have so many plans for our house too. And we too have WEIRD neighbors behind us – talk about junk collectors, yuck!!

    • Ack! that is how our neighbor is too! All his vehicles are in his driveway because his garage is PACKED with junk!

  5. i love the pictures!!!!!!! esp the stairs going off the deck. i guess now you could just jump off?

    • yeah, the nice thing is that I can let Eddie play on the deck without having to worry him falling, but at some point we will want to get down.

  6. We finally got our house last month, November 1st. It’s pretty much perfect for our family. Buddy the golden retriever has a big fenced in backyard. The 6 yr old (Carly aka Goose) and the 7 year old (Lyla aka Bug) have a finished basement to play in. I don’t have a man cave but the 3 girls including the teenager (14, Taylor aka Tay) have their everything they want.

    I need to make the backyard kick ass. The front yard needs some stuff. I need to install 3 ceiling fans.

    That’s about it for now.

    • ah yes, my husband loves making our yards kick ass. you will have big fun with that come spring, I am sure! 🙂

      Your house sounds lovely and wonderful! I can’t wait to have a forever home like that someday!

  7. We have that same. exact. flooring. AND the crap factory carpet. I want to rip it out with my bare hands, but the cement underneath probably wouldn’t be that comfy, either. Hubs took the camera to work, but I am gonna try to get in on this when he gets home…if I don’t immediately go to sleep.

  8. I can’t even stand how funny this post really is. And you? Should totally not ever consider taking up art as a career move…kidding. I totally appreciate the mad computer drawing skills and the fact that you didn’t spruce up your laundry room and left a bra dangling is pretty awesome.
    I love you.

    • thank you, my friend. Yes, your posts have inspired me to “doctor up” my pictures for entertainment value. And of course I didn’t spruce anything up…the bra? It is spruce enough!

  9. Oh I so want to do this when I get home tonight. Perhaps I will. It will make @lins610 go nutso.

    • dude. this post was the most fun I have had in a while on this blog. and yes, I am surprised Lins hasn’t been here to cringe at my downstairs…or maybe she has and she is reserving comments! ha!

      really? I would love for her to come over and go gangbusters on my basement.

  10. Okay, I know that they weren’t the point, but the drawings are so many kinds of awesome, Katie.
    I’m too busy giggling over here to offer any real input about your potential improvements!

    • I am telling you…this is the most fun I have had with a post in a long time. I giggled the whole time. Even though it took WAY longer than it should to create? It was way fun.

  11. it’s kinda shameful but we are almost 30 and never owned a home. . .

    wanderers at heart. . .

    But in our rental I would SOOOO love to take out a wall in our kitchen so it opens up to the dining room. As it is now when you are in the kitchen you are closed off to the rest of the house. It’s especially hard when entertaining.

    We only have 1 bathroom too, so i hear ya on that one.

    Oh! & i would love our bedroom to have a sliding glass door to the back patio. It should, but for some reason it doesn’t, which is lame!

    Our whole house is tile (as are all houses in mexico)… the thing about the tile is that it gets FREEZING! Would you get tile that warms? They make that right?

    • I would totally get that tile that warms! My mom has it in the bathroom and it is LOVELY on cold tootsies in the mornings! and a sliding door to a patio would be so lovely!!! ah…i can imagine it now… 🙂

  12. LOVE the drawings. You my friend should showcase that talent! 🙂

    • hmmm…i’ve also been told i shouldn’t quit my day job. although drawing on pictures was done in my pjs and that is MUCH more appealing than my day job 🙂


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