It’s the Simple Things…

It’s not a secret that I am a teacher.

I teach high school.  I teach in an “urban” school district.

I see issues and problems that i never could have imagined when I was that age.  My students have to deal with things I thought only existed in movies like Dangerous Minds back when I was in high school.

And my students?  They are LUCKY compared to many students who are in inner-city schools.

While my students have many hardships, they are not that far from beaches and parks and places they can go to get away from the “urban” area that might be bringing them down.  Many of them get to go on a summer vacation.

This is why, when Sara from The Fresh Air Fund (FAF) contacted me, I jumped on the chance to promote it.

What the FAF does is raise money to help inner-city kids in New York City experience places outside the city…to get some fresh air and some fun. To actually have a summer vacation that they otherwise wouldn’t have.

They do all sorts of things.  There are FAF host families, swimming lessons, farm visits, career awareness classes, and FAF camp.  All of these things help build confidence, self-esteem, and experiences that show inner-city youth that the ways of the street are not the only way.  That they CAN move out of that life.

The camps and retreats prepare kids to be leaders in their communities.

As an educator (and a mom), I know that what we experience is what shapes us.

If we are never read to, never taken anywhere, just dumped in a sub-par school with no funding?  We probably won’t be busting through any barriers to become great.

But if someone out there gives us opportunities and chances, there is no end to the greatness we can do.

This holiday season, won’t you join me in helping give opportunity and chances to a child who might not otherwise get it?

According to FAF’s site…

  • Just $10 will send one child on a bus ride to his or her Friendly Town host family.

  • $24 provides a child with a week of swimming lessons.

  • $42 provides a day of Career Awareness classes.

  • A gift of $50 can fund a camp counselor for a day.

  • If you can give as much as $91, you provide a child at camp with meals for a week.

We are a not-for-profit agency and depend on tax-deductible donations from people like you to keep our vital programs flourishing.

I know it’s cliche to say, but honestly?  Every little bit helps.

I look at Eddie and see that he has already had more opportunity than many of inner-city children have and he is only a year and a half!

Please help give the simple things in life to those for whom it is not so simple.

Please consider giving to the Fresh Air Fund.

For more information, you can visit the Fresh Air Fun site here, “like” them on facebook, and follow them on twitter.

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Just a small town girl...wait no. That is a Journey song. Katie Sluiter is a small town girl, but she is far from living in a lonely world. She is a middle school English teacher, writer, mother, and wife. Life has thrown her a fair share of challenges, but her belief is that writing through them makes her stronger.


  1. I work in Detroit…we host a snow pile where we give out donations of canned goods, toys, clothing, books etc, to the needy families in Detroit. It’s one of the things that I can say I’m proud of my shit hole hospital for doing. When I used to work in the ER, we would have families come in claiming their child was sick, just so that they could get a toy for their child for Christmas. It was so sad.
    It’s amazing how all the things we take for granted. We shouldn’t do this once a year around Christmas but ALL the time.
    Thanks for reminding us Katie!

    • I always do anything I can to help out kids. It’s not their fault the world sucks a big one. We have to show them that it’s not ALL bad, ya know?

  2. This is really cool; what a great idea!


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