Why it’s Called McFATTY

If you are into punctuation and the art of editing your writing?  I am getting all English teachery over at The Red Dress Club today.  Take a read.


First of all, I am not unaware of the hullabaloo this article has created all over the internet.

It makes me crabby that someone cares more about overweight people kissing on TV than the fact that they have everyone constantly making fat jokes about it all.

Something is wrong there, people.

Where were all these grossed out people when Rosanne was getting frisky with Dan 20 years ago?

Oh wait, people liked it because it was REAL.

Anyway, I am a REAL person and I am overweight at 191 pounds (yes, I went up a pound.  I blame the Halloween candy).  I am 5’7″ (roughly) and 191 pounds.  That is way overweight.

And you know what? To my knowledge?  No one has ever gagged or thrown up in their mouth when Cort and I smootch on each other.  I mean, if I have ever offended someone by holding my husband’s hand or kissing him, well, then…TOO BAD!

My point is that people who crab about fat people?  Need to shut up.  That is my McFatty lecture for the day.  There is more that I could add, but really?  I don’t think it needs to be said.

Publicly bashing fat people for grossing you out?  is hurtful. Just don’t look.

And now?  Back to me (because that is what it is really about yes?)

So I mentioned that I gained a pound.  I blame this:

This used to be full. And we only had like 6 trick or treaters. oops.

I am not even going to post on here in all of public how many bags of candy we went through..BY. OURSELVES.

It’s ugly.

And I am just thanking my McFatty stars that i only gained a pound.

Anyway, this week while I was battling with myself not to eat yet another “fun sized” treat, my friend “The Rocky Mountain Mama” informed me that she does a Meal Planning Monday.  I thought this fit pretty well with McFatty Monday since besides telling you all what I weigh, I am struggling to make better food choices.

For us, meal-planning starts on Sunday–before Cort goes and gets the groceries for the week.

First we decide together what would be a yummy meal for Tuesday night–the one night a week we get to eat as a family.

This week we decided on baked chicken with rice (recipe to follow).  Then I make the list and dig through my coupon holder to match up with what we are buying.  Before finalizing the list, I flip through the Meijer sales flier for the week to see if they have anything listed on sale that we could stock up on or use in lunches.

After all that, I add anything else we need in the house like TP or dish soap.

Lastly we think about what we will eat on the nights we are apart.  I usually eat PB sandwiches on wheat bread.

And that is it.  Cort takes a look at the list to make sure he knows what I am talking about, then he gathers up the Meijer reusable bags and the coupons and he is gone for an hour.

That’s it.

This week’s dinner:

Baked Chicken with Rice

2 cups of minute rice (I use brown)

1 can of cream of chicken soup

1 can of cream of celery soup

1 can of golden mushroom soup

1 package of dried onion soup (I use Lipton)

1.5 cans of water

**mix above together and spread in a greased 9×13 glass baking dish

**Put chicken (can be in bone, but I use 3 or 4 skinless breasts) on top

Bake for about 2 hours at 350 degrees

I like this recipe because we will have leftovers that I can take in my lunch.

We also usually have a veggie of some sort with this.  This week we are having corn.

So there you have it!  Hopefully I can make better choices now that the candy is almost gone from our house!

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  1. Good for you! People can be so ridiculous! But about the candy, totally hear ya! Ughhhh as I stare at a huge bowl on my table filled with it! I think I am gaining as we speak LOL

  2. I’ve left you an award on my blog!!


    Jennifer @ Life with the Lebedas

  3. I never even thought of the comparison to Roseanne that could’ve been made with the Marie Claire article. Good for you for only gaining a pound. I gained four.

    • i think it comes and goes with my stress. This week will probably be a heavy week because I don’t care what I eat. I know that is bad, but when I have weeks like this, I just have to get through.

  4. I’m still in denial over my “Halloween” weight gain, so I’m going to skip that lil topic. I’m curious about your PB sandwiches. Are they anything special? My new favorite sandwich is PB & Co Dark Chocolate Peanut butter (at Target) on some kind of whole grain bread and I usually pair it with a banana. If I’m still hungry, I’ll eat a strawberry yogurt. It’s a great lunchbox meal. It satisfies the sweet tooth too!

    • My PB sandwiches are just straight up PB on whole wheat bread! But I also eat a sting cheese stick, a banana, and a yogurt! Sounds like we have very similar lunches!

  5. This sounds like an AWESOME plan.

    & that article? I can’t even discuss it. I want to scream.

    • i didn’t scream. I didn’t want marie claire to publish an article about the unattractiveness of a fat girl screaming.

      and yes, the plan is good…as long as we buy enough food so that we aren’t staring into an empty fridge two days before groceries…that is when quick stops for burgers starts! Yikes!

  6. We do a meal plan for the week but it’s because we don’t want to buy extra. We’re on a budget! but I can totally see how this can help with any diet since you are more apt to follow it.
    PS. Mini chocolate bars do not count. Maybe your hair had too much volume? Yes, blame it on the hair 😉

    • We always did a meal plan for budget too–that is why it fit so well for my diet. We just changed things from “bread” to “whole wheat bread” and so on. Having Eddie helps too because I make nice balanced meals for him–so I may as well do it for us too!

      and yes, I must have had a pound of volume in my hair. We shall go with that! Ha!

  7. Yep…did some damage to our candy bowl too..it is the danger of the season..teehee!

    I just made a similar recipe not long ago..but it called for parboiled rice-going to try yours instead with the minute rice..I think it will cook quicker…super yummy dish hey!

    I meal plan to..loosely..but I do it..only way to keep my sanity AND avoid eating out.

    Vanessa..fellow mcfatty monday’er

    • Meal planning is the way to go. I hate to sit down and do it, but boy am I glad everything is planned out once the crazy week gets in motion!

      Thanks for stopping by! I am off to your slice of the internet now! 🙂