Top Ten Tuesdays: Favorite Children’s Books

It is not a secret that books are a big deal in our house.  A REALLY BIG DEAL! First of all, I am an English teacher, so…duh.

But it goes beyond that.  When I was a kid, I was surrounded by books.  My mom read like it nourished her.  Like books kept her as alive as eating and breathing.  I soaked this in and became the same way.

Most of the kid’s books in our house growing up lived in the bottom drawer of my dresser, but they quickly expanded to a HUGE pile next to my brothers’ bunk beds as well.

I don’t think I went a day without being read to or reading myself.

That is why this week’s Top Ten is so important!

I started reading to Eddie while he was in my tummy. Every book I had I would sit in the nursery and read aloud to him.

So together, Cortney, Eddie and I have compiled the Sluiter Nation Top Ten Favorite Children’s Books (in no particular order):

#10. The Belly Button Book.

This one was voted into the line up by Cortney.  He says, “I am starting to really enjoy reading The Belly Button Book lately.  I like the Naval Academy Hippo.”

This book is pointless and ridiculous.  Just the way we like our kids books around here.

And I don’t thin it is an accident that the first body part that Eddie could point to?  Was his belly button!  Boo-ya for this book.

#9 Where is the Green Sheep?

This is a book I picked up for Eddie when I was visiting my best friend in Chicago.  We went to her favorite little bookstore, The Book Cellar, and I found this little souvenir for my buddy.

I know it comes in just English, but I was stoked to find the bilingual version in a small board book.  I also teach Spanish and I would love for Eddie to at least know some vocabulary and phrases going into elementary school.

Plus this book?  Is cute and funny.  And Eddie kisses the “near sheep” every time.

#8. The Lorax

I have always liked this book, but it is the book Eddie’s cousin, Jack, gave him and he loves to listen to the rhymes and the rhythms this book has.

He is also a fan of pointing out the Lorax on every page.

The book is lengthy and rarely does Eddie sit through it all, but he is still little.  I think it’s great that he chooses this one and sits and listens and participates as long as he does.

#7. Go Dog Go

This was a Cort pick for sure.  He has always loved this book, or, as he says,

“I have always had a fondness for Go Dog Go”  This was the very first one he mentioned when I asked him which books he would want on the list.

The funny part?

We don’t own this book!

I am thinking this will have to be a stocking stuffer for Eddie for sure this year!

#6 Moo Ba La La La

This is one of Eddie’s current favorites.  He is getting really good at saying MOO and OINK and QUACK and MEOW.

The Baa?  Not so much yet.

But he does bring me this book a thousand times a day and point at the correct animals and make their sounds.  And if he can’t?  He points and looks at me until I make it.

#5 Mc Elligot’s Pool

This is one from my childhood.  It is the least known Dr. Seuss book that I am aware of.  Whenever I mention it to anyone, they have no idea what I am talking about.

But it’s one my grandma had in her cupboard.  And my brothers and I begged her to read it to use every time we were over at her house.

For Eddie’s first Christmas?  My brother, Chris, bought him this book.  I love it.

#4 The Monster at the End of this Book

This was another Cort pick.  Lately Eddie has been choosing this book for Daddy to read to him.

It is a hilarious book without a ton of text, but lots of emotion.  It definitely teaches Eddie about reading with emotion and having fun with a book.

Plus?  Grover is cute.

#3 Katy and the Big Snow

This book is one from my childhood. In fact, I took it right along when I moved out of my parents’s house.

I loved this book because it has my name in it…although it is spelled “wrong”.

My mom says this is one of the only books she can remember getting sick of reading to me…to the point that she had to hide it under a bunch of books so I would pick something else.

Hopefully we can get an Ed or Eddie or Edward book to read to our little guy!

#2 The Very Hungry Caterpillar

This one we have in board book form and in paperback.  Eddie has been obsessed lately with the board book…and it shows.  It has gnaw marks on it and the binding is slowly dying from all the folding and carrying he does with it.

He likes to make chomping noises with me as we count what the caterpillar eats each day.

We have even caught him sitting alone pointing at the holes making chomping noises to himself.  It is awesome!

#1 Goodnight, Moon

We read this one a LOT together as well.  Eddie is big into pointing out everything on the page and wanting us to say what it is.

These are the kinds of books that I love.  The ones that I know he likes because he is actively trying to learn new vocabulary.

Plus when we read the “goodnight” parts?  He waves at the book.  Because that is what you do when you say goodnight.  happy sigh…

Want to read more of Eddie’s book picks?  Sure you do!  They are listed here.

So that is it!  Sluiter Nation’s Top Ten Favorite Childrens Books!  Did you see any here that you love?  any new ones you need to check out?

Do you have your own Top Ten List this week?  Don’t be shy!  Grab a button and link up!

Also?  I have no idea why the text box looks like this.  it will be fixed before next week.  For now?  I sleep.

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  1. Our current faves are Hippos Go Beserk! & Knuffle Bunny. Just LOVE those two.

    • ooo! we don’t have those! We must add them to the Christmas list! Anything with hippos? is a fave around here.

  2. Alright, this time your post came through, so I think I fixed whatever was going on.

    We love Goodnight Moon, Go Dog Go, and The Monster at the End of this Book. They are classics in our house!

  3. Thank for hosting I saw your theme yesturday and had to quick get my list together. Many of mine are early readers novels but, I think those are the books that really gave me a taste for reading and how wonderful it could be. I haven’t been able to stop reading since these books. You’re list is great, happy Tuesday!

    • loved your list! It reminded me of a TON that I haven’t thought of since I was little! Thank you for linking up!

  4. Also I can’t make the button work but I have linked your site in the post anyway.

  5. Moo, Baa, LaLaLa is a fave in our house too! And my daughter gets the sheep noise (Thanks to Timmy Time on Disney)but not the pigs yet. Also, our copy of the Very Hungry Caterpillar was the first book I read to her, and has been “eaten.” We had to throw it away a few months ago, and now it’s on her Christmas list for a new copy! Goodnight Moon is MY favorite, but she mostly likes to point at stuff on the page, she doesn’t seem to care what the story is.

    Other favorites are Mr Brown Can Moo, Can You? and any Mickey Mouse Clubhouse book. Since she can name all the Clubhouse characters, she loves to flip through those books. 😀

    • oh my WORD..Eddie is in LOVE with Mickey Mouse clubhouse! I think it is so annoying, but if the boy likes it…what do you do? We definitely need Mr. Brown Can Moo…I loved that book. And Eddie LOVES to moo!

  6. Go Dog Go is Chunky’s absolute favourite. We read it at least 20 times a day. For real. The funny thing is, when we’re driving somewhere, he’ll point out the red and green lights. He’ll say “Light green! Go dog go!” It’s hilarious.
    We make it a point to read to him every night. It’s also a selfish way to get some more snuggles 😉

    • that is the cutest thing ever! Now we REALLY must own this book! And extra snuggles? Always a win!

  7. I thought I left you a message earlier but, I seem to be having all types of troubles this morning. Thank you so much for hosting this teme I saw it and got so excited. I went for the older children’s books that got me into realy reading and the books I hope my Peanut will fall in love with once she gets this reading thing down. Happy Tuesday!

  8. This one took some thought! I could go on for days about my favorite children’s books! I decided to choose Darling Girls favorites. Got them posted! I love this! I’ve gotten some good ideas for new books for DG!

    • I know what you mean…I had to take just our current favorites that are being read with a couple from our childhood in there, because really? I could have picked a ZILLION kid books I love!

  9. the only books you listed that we have are goodnight moon & hungry catapiller. We are LACKING!
    i starred this post, hopefully we can get some new books for Christmas. 🙂

    • ooo! then you need to post a list because I want to know what YOU have that WE may need! What does Solo Boy love?!?!

  10. My kids are all grown up. To see your list of books sure brings back a lot of great memories. I’m so glad you included the monster at the end of the book! That was one of their favorites because I yelled and acted silly whenever we read it. They would just wait for the response every time we turned a page. It’s a great book for babysitters to include in their babysitting kit too.