Top Ten Tuesdays: Being Grateful

Now that Thanksgiving is over, it’s easy to fall right back into our old routine.

I mean, I for SURE did not wake up Monday morning feeling as warm and fuzzy and thankful as I did during my five-day break from work.  It’s just much easier to be thankful when the conditions are “right”.

That is why I saved the Top Ten Things I am Thankful for to be posted AFTER Thanksgiving.

After a long Monday of working and herding cats teaching freshman and not sleeping, and not eating properly, I needed to be able to list those things for which I am most thankful.

You see, this weekend, I was all cozy with my Starbucks and my jammy pants snuggled up to my computer with my boys near me.  It is very easy to be thankful in that condition.

Overworked, overtired, and over-grumpy…a wee bit harder.

So here I go…The Top Ten Things For Which I am Most Grateful:

10. Family.

Yes, this is a broad one.  But if I want to get 10 things on this list that aren’t just family?  I need to combine.

I am way blessed to have a huge family.  I had what I considered to be a medium-sized family before getting married.  Now it seems that I can’t bump into anyone in our town without somehow being related or traced to them.  One of my friends calls it 6 degrees to Katie Sluiter.

Plus?  This family is ALWAYS there for us.  ALWAYS.

9. My Parents

My parents have been married for 37 years, and they have always been an excellent model for me of what a marriage should be.  I have always felt grateful to have such caring and involved parents, but even more so since getting a job working with so many students who do not have the luxury of having parents that are around much.  Or since reading blogs of those of you who do not have good relationships with your parents.

I am forever thankful that my parents have shown me what unconditional love looks like.  What never ending support looks like.  What forgiveness looks like.  What hard work looks like.  What being humble looks like.  What giving looks like.

8. My friends in real life

This blog was started for my friends and family.  Most of my friends have moved to different states.  My two best friends since middle school live hours and hours away from me.  The friends I do have that are “local” are still more than 45 minutes away. I don’t have the luxury of just hanging out with any girlfriends for a couple hours without major planning ahead.

But somehow?  No matter how much time, space, or life changes are between us, we are always ALWAYS at the ready for each other.  Even if it means email or facebook rather than being together in real life.

7. My friends in my computer

You all know who you are.  You.  and you.  and you.  and yes, even you hiding back there avoiding being called on.

The people who I have met in the few months that I have been a serious compulsive blogger are invaluable to me.  My life would be so different right now if it wasn’t for them.

There are people in my life who think it is just “weird” that I have friends whom I have never met.  In their minds, I am just in chat rooms all the time (they don’t know what twitter is.  pssst.  not a chat room).  They don’t get it.  And that is ok.  It’s not for everyone.

but for you and you and you and you and you and you and you?  YOU get it. And you read because you have found me and you like what I have to say.  not because you are obligated to do so.

And then?  you support me and love me.

6. my big old bleeding heart

yes, I can be a hard ass when I need to be.  But really?  Inside I am all smooshy.  I am grateful that I can see beyond the bad choices someone makes and see the person.   I am grateful that I can’t just walk past someone struggling.  I’m glad I still “see” the hurt out there–that I haven’t become hardened to it.  I am glad that tears–anyone’s tears–cause my own eyes to sympathy water.  I am so happy that I can “put myself into other people’s shoes” so easily that it keeps me up at night with worry or prayers.  I hope I never lose this.

5. small delights

from warm, microwave popcorn to Cort slipping his hand into mine as we walk into a restaurant, I love all the little things that make life happy.  I hope I never stop noticing things like big puffy snowflakes getting caught in Cort’s eyelashes or the way Eddie imitates cookie monster during the beginning sequence of Sesame Street or the way my mom’s eyes twinkle when she has all of her kids together or the way my dad’s whole body moves up and down with his chuckles when we get him laughing really, really hard.

4. my gifts

I have been blessed with a gift I didn’t know I had.

I have been told over and over again by YOU that I have a “way with words”.  My own mother marveled to me about how she just doesn’t know how I do it.    Cort has told me he really loves to read my “take” on how things in our life happened–how it looked from my perspective.

You guys?  I had no idea I could do this.  I just tell my story the way I would if you were sitting right here with me.  If you means you want to keep coming back?  I will keep doing it.  And I will stop excusing the compliments away.

3. Louis

Yes, my cat.  My almost-17-year-old cat.

Louis came home with me shortly after he was born.  He was a gift from my high school boyfriend.  I was 16 at the time.  Louis has seen me through EVERYTHING!  My first love, my first break-up, high school and college and masters graduations, getting my heart broken, losing loved ones, losing pregnancies, getting married, gaining loved ones, losing jobs, getting jobs, Eddie.

He has been here, faithfully, for more than half of my life.

2. My job(s)

I have come THIS close to losing my job more times than I can count.  This economy in our state coupled with poor funding for public schools (specifically those with a high number of at-risk students), well, SUCKS.  The fact that I not only have my job, but I can work on my prep period AND I have a part-time opportunity at the community college means that I can help my family through our rough patch.

1. My boys

You KNEW that this was going to be on here…at number one.

I can’t fully express how full my life is because of Cortney and Eddie.  Their BEING here–on this planet, in my house, as my family–is beyond my own understanding.  I certainly never did anything to deserve such blessings as them, but I will do my damn best to keep them for ever.  I love you, boys.

Now it’s your turn!  What are you grateful for?

About Katie

Just a small town girl...wait no. That is a Journey song. Katie Sluiter is a small town girl, but she is far from living in a lonely world. She is a middle school English teacher, writer, mother, and wife. Life has thrown her a fair share of challenges, but her belief is that writing through them makes her stronger.


  1. this is so sweet! you are one very, very blessed woman! i am blessed to have met you!!!

    • i am blessed…and it helps to remember it sometimes 🙂 and I am extremely blessed to have met you!!!

  2. if I wrote my list, it would be very similar to yours. Minus the cat, add in some diet coke.
    Love ya girl! Happy Freakin’ Holidays!

  3. Love this. I needed a nice pick me up thankful smooshy post with a warm hug and a side of popcorn today. You always captivate me my dear. I need to be more conscious of the small things that I’m blessed with instead of all the funk Ive been dealt with lately. Love you 😉

    • eh, we have a right to be crab-ola when life hands us a shit sandwich. we just have to be grateful we have beer to wash it down with. and good friends. love you, lady. lots.

  4. I too love both IRL and computer friends…they make me whole. Family and small delights…are everything!

    Congrats on your feature at The Red Dress Club!

    • Thank you, Natalie! I agree ALL my friends make my life complete! And YAY about the Red Dress Club! I am still in shock that I was picked! And my answers to the questions? are so silly now that I read them over again!


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