Sponsor Highlight: mL photography

Some of our biggest supporters are our friends.

Am I right here, people?

That is why I am so happy my lovely friend Missy and I can support each other.

I blog my face off and she snaps some pretty snazzy pictures.  It’s what we do.

Ok, “snazzy” might be an understatement; Missy happens to be a whirlwind of awesome behind her lens….

and my family may have been lucky enough to have her as our “personal” photographer…

…all the way from back when Eddie was just a bun baking away in my oven…and Louis was still an “only child”.

She has grown her little side project exponentially over the past couple years.

She knows just how to capture everyone’s unique personality in her photos so that no one has the same pictures on the walls.  In her words? “I ain’t no Olen Mills!”

Did I mention she’s funny?

And that she is amazing with little kids?

Somehow in the midst of what I think is a total photoshoot fail, she gets the perfect shot…

you would never know he was drooling, spitting up, and being all around uncooperative this WHOLE shoot, would you?

every. dang. time.

And just when I think she can’t get any better…she also offers Christmas cards!

(Sluiter Nation MAY have gotten this very design and MAY have them ready to mail already.)

I am so blessed to have her advertising here on my little bloggy blog!

And just in time for the holidays?  She has some specials for you…YES, YOU (well, you as in locals…or can make yourself locals).

Taken straight from the lovely photographer’s mouth…

“what  better than a fabulous photograph of your favorite people as a gift for Christmas?

Therefore,  through the end of November, gallery mounts, mini  mounts, canvas prints, circular prints, finished albums, wall  calendars, magnets,  collages, and styrene mounted prints are all 20%  off!”

You didn’t think that was it, did you?  Oh no…she has something BIG a’brewing too!

“[mL photography] is  so SO very grateful for amazing clients, friends, and family this past year. wowza. it has been incredible. therefore, in honor of all the fabulousness I have been blessed with, tis time to bestow some upon all  of YOU.

the big announcement is finally *here*..

beginning november 29, there will not be just *one* super…awesome christmas giveaway, but  *TWELVE DAYS*of them(!!), true ellen  degeneres style. MUCH more details to follow. dancing is definitely  necessary. and some serious happy laughter, too.”

Dudes.  This is big stuff.

Need more information?  Want to see more of her work?  OF COURSE YOU DO!  So go to her website and “like” her on facebook.  You don’t want to miss any of these fab giveaways!

Because pictures? Are a way to look at memories.  And memories make fabulous gifts.

Oh hey…Top Ten Tuesdays on Tuesday is Top Ten Christmas List Wishes: Internet Edition…don’t miss it…start YOUR list now so you can link up!  Because I may want to take your ideas and add them to my list.

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  1. This is SO awesome. Love you and all of your support and your amazing writing and photographing your exceptionally lovely family that may even grow someday???? Heheheeee…a photographer can dream…THANK you. thankyouverymuch. Elvis style. You rock.

  2. I’m so jealous! I wish I could find a photographer like that near my house! Those photos are absolutely gorgeous!!!

    • She is really quite amazing! And in big demand around here! She has even booked a shoot while in Chicago before!

  3. aw jayz. so pretty.