Sponsor Highlight: Bird E Studios

Did you notice that Sluiter Nation now has some wonderful sponsors?  They are all over there in the right column of the blog!

And since the holiday shopping frenzy is coming up, I wanted to share with you why each of my sponsors can be the perfect fit for YOUR holiday shopping needs!

First I need to start by saying that I own products from each and every one of my sponsors that I have purchased myself.  I am super picky about who I want to advertise here.  They have to be “small” businesses that put out a product that I would use and love and that I think my readers would use and love.

So my first sponsor to jump on the Sluiter Nation blog?  Is Erika from Bird E Studios!
I met Erika via twitter and we became fast friends!  She even provided some super cute stuff for my Back To School Giveaway Bonanza.

Recently I must have won some sort of jackpot, because Erika agreed to come on board and sponsor Sluiter Nation!

Erika makes the uber-cute baby and doggie accessories over at Bird E Studios.  The first thing I fell in love with was her bibs.  I die of cute overload whenever I see them!

She sent Eddie this one:

She must have caught on that I am raising a rockstar 🙂

The bibs are a great size for a toddler.  I keep this one in my purse so he looks cute while eating out.  It’s got a front pouch (to catch rouge cheerios), and it has a terry-type back…super soft!

She also makes super cute stuff for moms!

How often have you pulled a diaper out of your purse or diaper bag and it was so mangled that you weren’t sure if it was going to stay on your sweet baby’s booty?

Erika sent me this lovely:

It is cute AND practical!  It keeps all of Eddie’s diapers nice and neat and in tact.  And?  I get compliments every time someone sneaks a peek of it in my purse!

Erika also makes things for the puppies in your life!

She has really awesome collars and leashes that almost make me wish I had a dog!

So instead of getting a dog (because that would be the last straw for my dear Louis), I bought collars for all of my doggie “nieces” for Christmas!

I am so proud and honored to have Bird E Studios advertising on my blog!

Erika has some fabulous new products out  just in time for your Christmas shopping (or self shopping…momma needs some fun stuff, right?)!

She will be adding gift sets soon and little girl dresses and coats!  I can’t WAIT to see those!!

In the meantime, you can find adorable stocking stuffers for baby, puppy, AND momma!

So go forth and shop!

And if you hurry?  You can get a special discount!  Erika is offering Sluiter Nation readers a 20% discount on your ENTIRE purchase from now through November 19!  Just enter the code EDDIE at checkout!

What are you waiting for?  Get started on that shopping!

Tune in next Tuesday for Top Ten Tuesdays: The Top Ten Things on my Christmas List: Internet Edition

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  1. cute stuff!!! 😉 and yay for sponsors!

  2. I love the bibs! They’re so cute!

    I really like the stuff for dogs but I know that mine would ruin in less than a day! Crazy dog…

  3. Yay for sponsers! I love her stuff & she’s so sweet!

  4. Yay for dog collars! My dog would hate the shat out of me if I put him in anything cutesy.
    I have a number of friends who are preggers and those bibs would be a huge hit at their showers. So cool!

    • nah…he would love you. he would be all happy that he was super stylish and fantastic. or he would give you that doggy pouty face.