McFatty and Meal Planning Monday

Meal Planning Monday

I again this week gained a pound.  So 192.

I am pretty sure it was due to yesterday (Saturday).

Yesterday was one of those days where I never left the house…or my sweat pants.  It was too easy to say “yes” when Cort suggested McDonald’s for lunch and then Taco Bell for dinner.

I should be glad that only added one pound, yes?  So today?  I am munching a salad while I type this.

Side note:  The Halloween candy is gone.  No more temptations there.

Also, for anyone keeping track, I only have to teach 10 more night classes before I get my evenings back…and hopefully my booty gets on the treadmill and/or to the gym.  I am WAY looking forward to this!

I really, REALLY love teaching at the community college (actually wish that could be my “real” job), but it’s just taking too much time away from my family and my health.  So I am taking next semester off.

This week will be interesting for McFatty.  I teach two night this week and I have Parent/Teacher Conferences the other two nights.  I will either lose massive amounts of weight or gain it.  It is also my “lady week”.  So we would be looking at a trainwreck of a post next week.

Because my week is going to be so crazy, we won’t get any nights to sit down as a family for any meals. However, I still planned a meal that we can all eat all week long that is healthier, say, than this:

apparently Tony's pizzas were 4 for $10 today. Ugg.

Tonight I will be making my mom’s BBQ recipe so that we can have that on buns all week for lunches and dinner.

My mom’s BBQ:

In a big electric frying pan:

I use two pounds of burger, browned with salt, pepper, and a bit of chopped yellow onion.

Then add 2 cans of chicken gumbo soup and two cans of tomato soup

Add about a cup of ketchup and a couple teaspoons of mustard

Simmer for a few minutes.

I serve on wheat buns.

making this tonight for the whole week!

We also stocked the fridge with fresh fruit and the pantry with canned veggies that we rinse and serve to Eddie.  Cortney bought the monster can of yams because that is the only veggie we know Eddie will eat every time it’s served to him.  Weird?  Probably.

Anyway, we will see how this week goes.

*Tomorrow is Top Ten Tuesdays!  I will be making a list of the Top Ten Things that are necessities to me each day. Won’t you join in?

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  1. Girl, I am up FIVE POUNDS from when I said farewell to McFatty. I blame being out of town for a week and eating Chic-Fil-A every day for lunch and eating great food (& drinking great drinks) every night. You can’t do such things with out gaining something. I am drinking massive amounts of water trying to dissolve it away. Because that’s totally what happens right?

    • I have heard wonderful things about Chi-Fil-A. I have never had it…probably good we don’t have any in these parts. Man, eating great food and drinking great drinks is a little bit worth the 5 pounds, though, I say!

  2. Oh, what a week you have coming up!! Sending good thoughts….

  3. Dude, I totally gained weight in the last few months. Ugh, I know this because A) my pants don’t fit comfortably B) the scale at my doctor’s office said so. Frack.
    I blame the medications.
    I think I may link up tomorrow 😉

    • it’s the time of year, I am afraid. I hate it. I wish I had time to DO something…dieting just doesn’t work for me! Plus the meds? Boo.

      Next week Tuesday? You will love. Lots of fun things…and discounts! Yay!

  4. This is definitely the time of year, ugghhhh but the food is so yummy LOL Gotta enjoy life right? Well, okay we should eat in moderation and exercise and be healthy but this is the time of year to start pigging out! Worry about the weight in January LOL

    • That is TOTALLY how I am starting to feel!! But that is awful, right? What do we do to stay motivated?!?!

  5. I have had so many of those weeks. SO MANY. You are seriously not a failure at all & doing fantastic.

    Hope that salad was DELICIOUS.

    • It actually was, thank you. Maybe not the most healthy salad, but a better choice than one of those pizzas. And thanks for the encouragement. I totally need it. I just feel like I am dragging and lagging.