Getting Pooped On

I am going to let you in on something Sluiter Nation has been doing for three years now.  It’s a little game Cortney and I made up that relieves stress and brings on a serious case of the giggles just when we need it.

It has to do with poop.

That, my friends, is a fake turd I picked up when I was helping a friend shop at a novelty shop.  She needed dorky award thingys for her seniors.  I didn’t need anything.  But I found the fake yucky stuff section and this little poo needed to come home with me.

Of course I didn’t tell Cortney I bought it.  I just put it on his pillow (like the dramatization shot above), and then quietly went about my evening routine.  As I was brushing my teeth, he walked into our room to get his pj’s on.  That is when I heard, “Aw man, LOUIS!!!  GROSS!”  He totally thought the cat did it!

That’s when he saw me falling over myself (and my toothbrush) in the doorway to our room.  I managed to gasp out that it was fake.

He vowed to get me back.

And that is how the poop game began.

Once in his possession, he had free reign of hiding it anywhere that I would find it.

When it is found?  The rule is you have to say, “Aw, who pooped on my ______”.

The poop has been in my bathing suit, in the bread, in coffee cups, in lunch boxes, on Eddie’s changing table, in the coffee maker, in my water bottle, in Cort’s laptop bag…it is really quite endless.

And of course, once found, the poop changes hands and the poop placer now waits to become the poop victim.

Cort and I have had a lot of figurative poop happen in our lives over the five and a half years that we have been married.  We honestly try to keep a positive attitude and realize that it can’t be forever.

But in the meantime?  We laugh.  And if we need fake poop to laugh?  So be it.

Ok so maybe that last picture was too far.  But you get what I’m saying.  Laugh or cry.  We choose laugh.

By the way, if you are loving the Top Ten Tuesdays, this week will be Top Ten vacation memories!  Write it up and come back and link up on Tuesday!

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Just a small town girl...wait no. That is a Journey song. Katie Sluiter is a small town girl, but she is far from living in a lonely world. She is a middle school English teacher, writer, mother, and wife. Life has thrown her a fair share of challenges, but her belief is that writing through them makes her stronger.


  1. Oh dear! I’m not sure if I should laugh or puke–that is disgustingly funny. 🙂

  2. This is so awesome! You guys are fun!

  3. Our house could really use a piece of poop! I think I just might go buy one.

    And remember that I’m always here for you when life gets poopy, seriously. Love you!

    • Every household needs a turd to lighten the mood! And thank you for being such a great friend. Love you back!

  4. and now you got me thinking about places to hide poop in my house. Which, clearly, are endless.

  5. That last photo?

    That . . . is . . . awesome.


    • my mom will gag when she sees that. which will probably make me laugh until I pee. because I am such a mature adult.

  6. See poop is just funny. But when you have a fake poop…that is way funnier. You two are so dang cute!
    PS. You should gross people out at work by stirring your coffee with it 😉

  7. Poop is always funny. Especially surprise poop.

    • sometimes surprise poop is SO not funny. like when it’s from a pet. But this kind? hilarious.

  8. I love the idea of stirring your coffee with it! Hahahahaha! Or frame that last photo and put it on your desk! Awesome!

    This post was so funny! Bad, but so funny!

    • sometimes? things needed to be lightened up a bit. and that is where the fake poop comes in 🙂

  9. Okay, so here’s the thing about fake poop. My dad had a pile of poo. Fake, of course. I did not know about this fake pile o’ poo. He put it in the middle of the bathroom and was like “Kiddo, you need to go clean that up.”

    I, naturally, protested. I was 6.

    My mother, after laughing incredulously at my protestations, waltzed on in to the bathroom and immediately stepped into a puddle of water.

    The toilet had overflowed and the fake poo was sitting in the middle of it all. (There was no real poo in the mix, thankfully.)

    We never played jokes with fake poo again after that.

    The end.

    • hmmm…yes. that would traumatize me to the fake poo too. I promise not to mail you the fake poo.

  10. Awe man! Someone pooped on the soap in the shower this morning. Ugh.

  11. DoraExplorer7 says

    That is funny 🙂


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