Twelve Month Well-Baby and Some Guest Posting

Hey all!  Looking for me?  Today I am over at Arms Open Wide posting for my wonderful (e)friend, Grace!  She is in the midst of wondering about having baby #2 or waiting and she asked a few of us to chime in on our thoughts.  This is a subject I haven’t really discussed before with anyone (yes, Cort and I talked about it BEFORE I sent her a post), and so my post is sort of me processing what that would mean for our family.

Speaking of our family…Eddie had his 12-month well baby visit yesterday!  But not after he bumped up his face pretty good this week:

Yes, as of Wednesday afternoon, my child has already fallen three times for three separate “owies”.  He fell and bit his bottom lip (blood and crying ensued).  He fell last night with his pipey in his mouth and gave himself bloody upper gums, a bruise on his upper lip, and a boo boo by his nose (more crying and a mess of blood on daddy’s white T-shirt).  Then this morning, he was walking full tilt and ran himself head first into the corner by the gate giving himself that lovely, shiny goose egg on his forehead (massive tears and the need for momma cuddles).

But as you can also tell, he was not too phased by it.  And he was just as chatty and chipper as ever at the doctor’s office!  He pretty much knows he can flirt with all the nurses and totally get away with it.  so he does.

Today’s stats?  Oh, ok…

He is 32.5 inches long.  That is only an inch taller than his 9 month visit. (still 95th %)
His head measured 49 cm which is only a half cm bigger than 9 months (still 97th %)
And he weighed in at 25.4 pounds which is only 1.4 pounds heavier than 9 months (down to 75th %).

So he is still tall for his age, but not as heavy.  I’ll tell you what though, he still has those adorable chubby little thighs and tummy!

He also got four shots today.  This is when I am always so glad that Cort comes with me to these appointments.  I get all mad and stabby on the inside when the nurses poke my little boy’s cute little thighs.  But Cort can be all calm and hold Eddie’s arms and then scoop him up and give him cuddles.  I just sit there frozen and sad.

Now we are off appointments until his 15 month when he will get three more shots.  Sigh…I hate shots.

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  1. I also hate shots. But I loooooovvvveee baby thighs!

    And Eddie at 12 months is not that much smaller than Joshua at 15! And I thought I had a tank!

    Poor Eddie's owies!

  2. I hate shots too, and unfortunately, the sight of a needle (or even the word itself) sends my husband to another planet. So I am generally alone for those visits!

    It's tough being a big boy, isn't it? Brayden gave himself a shiner right before I wanted to take his one year pictures!

  3. shots are the worst. Dawson had 3 shots at his 12 months and he has to get 2 more at 18 months. Are you on a delayed schedule or anything, we arent. Weird how they are so different. Dawson also had to have his blood drawn and it was awful!!
    But i am so glad the boys are happy and healthy when its all over! 🙂

  4. New Breed Mama says

    Poor little guy! When my son got his shots, when he was a baby, I think it was harder for me than it was for him! As for the bumps, bruises, and owies – it's a hazard of being a toddler and seems to be worse when you have a boy!

  5. makemommygosomethingsomething says

    Us nurses don't like stabbing cute thighs either 🙁 I used to think that since I was a RN that o would be able to handle my sons shots…but NOOOOOOOOO way! I think it hurts more!
    Ok, heading over to Grace's

  6. Dawana @ABittersweet1 says

    Wow Eddie! You are a TALL boy! He's taller than Baby C- who's 18 months and in the 75%ile for height at 31 1/2 inches.

  7. Poor bubba! My son's face/arms/legs look like that 99% of the time!

  8. Garcia Family says

    Ethan was always in the top percentiles also, but now is right in the middle! I read your post on the other blog as well. My kids are 4 years apart, as are my sister and I, and I LOVE it! They still play together, I had tons of time to just have Ethan around, and he's been a big help. He was old enough to understand when there was a newborn who demanded so much attention, and he's a great big brother! Eddie is only just one, so don't start to panic or worry about another one yet; just enjoy! There's still plenty of time!

  9. My little Bean just had her one year shots this week too. I hate tears from shots. My little one looks at me with pools of tears that make her eyes shine and pierce my heart. Ugh! After 3 kids you'd think I would build up some sort of tolerance. NOPE.

  10. Mungee's Ma says

    I enjoyed reading your guest post 🙂 I struggle with those thoughts as well.

  11. missy widener says

    yes! big baby presley slowed down at one year, too….all that moving around I guess….and ethan still has a huge head. smart. jeah. poor eddie and his bangs and bruises!! don't you wish we could put them in a little bubble?? (a sound proof one that contains them even for just a few moments??!! I mean…I love it.)

  12. i'm new… anticipation to post round more oftentimes!