At the Carwash

Yesterday was a grumpy day for Eddie.  For whatever reason napping was not happening.  Cort had homework to do, so I whisked Mr. McWhineyPants off to my parents for a little while and then to my brother’s for a bit.  Upon returning, Eddie ate dinner, but was still full of screams, so Cort decided to wash the vehicles and to take Eddie outside with him.

Eddie LOVES playing outside.  I don’t know what it is, but my usually extremely mobile toddler can sit in the grass for 10 minutes before he feels the need to move.  I think he just likes BEING in the outdoors.

He happily played with toys and pointed at our tree and at the birds and at daddy for almost the entire first vehicle-washing.

But when Cort started washing his truck, Eddie was on the MOVE!  That was interesting stuff…a TRUCK!

He so badly wanted to walk over and “help” his Dad-do.  By the way, Cort JUST mowed, but noticed Eddie’s little piggies are totally buried in the grass?  sigh…so cute.

In fact, while I was busy snapping pictures, Eddie made his way to the driveway and the hose.  Oh BOY was that fun!  Cort actually said, “I sort of want him to discover the nozzle and accidentally spray himself in the face!”  Um? not nice, Dad-do.  Although I agree it would be funny…until the crying starts.

Ed never figured out the nozzle, but by this time he was getting pretty grassy and kind of wet.  Not my favorite combo right before Jammy Time.

But once he got a little taste of “helping” daddy?  There was no more just sitting in the lawn and being cute like this.

So we went inside to get ready for bed.

But man do we love summer days!

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  1. Awww he's so cute! Love all the pictures and sitting out on a grass on a nice day like that? I'll do that myself hahaha.

  2. Love the picture of him standing with his hands wide while daddy is washing the SUV. That is priceless. Looks like he wants to take off running!!!

  3. Great pics. I remember my little man being calmed by the outdoors at that age when nothing else seemed to work. Oh, and hey- thanks for the thoughful comment on the flood.

  4. i think its so important to include your kids in what you're doing, whether it's cooking or cleaning or playing. So much fun!

  5. Andrea (ace1028) says

    Great shots! That last image is excellent! A keeper for when the baby days are gone! 🙂

  6. Pumpkin and Piglet says

    Oh bless him, what a cutie! I love how you can't see his feet 🙂 I think it's great how kids can sit and watch things so intently just before they take off to join in!

  7. Boys and their trucks! These photos are just the cutest! What a beautiful boy!

  8. missy widener says

    oh my word! that first picture on his knees just cracks me up!! he is such a little man!! so, so cute!

  9. Secret Mommy says

    Totally cute pics! Both my boys ADORE being outside and from birth whenever either one of them has been/was/is fussy I just put 'em in a baby carrier of some sort and take a walk outside. They're calmed and/or asleep within seconds. They both also love "helping" Daddy wash cars. 🙂

  10. I love the pics of him standing in the grass with the grass so tall compared to him! There's just something about it that reinforces that he won't be that little forever. But while he is? Oh, while he is, he needs a squeeze or five.