The Boy of Many Faces: Eleven Month Eddition

Eddie is eleven months today.  That’s right.  ELEVEN MONTHS!  I realize it gets old when each month I beg the question of where time is going, but seriously?  eleven months?  that just blows my mind.

Last year on May 23, I was uncomfortably planting my flowers because it was Memorial Day weekend.  I didn’t believe there could possibly be another month of pregnancy.

This year, we are still a week away from Memorial Day weekend and I have an eleven month old.

He is around 25 pounds and can stand on his own.  He acts like he is going to take steps, but instead he just “flaps his wings” and falls to his knees so he can crawl where he is going.

He also has lots to say.  I mean, this boy is LOUD about EVERYTHING!  I am told this may come from his, ahem, maternal gene pool.  He mostly decidedly uses DA DA DA DA when he is looking for Cortney and MAMAMAMAMAMA when he is whining for me.

He is eating LOTS of finger foods now–anything off our plates that is good for him–mostly fruits and veggies and potatoes and chicken.

He can point to things.

He can shake his head “no” and nod “yes”

He has eleventy million funny faces he pulls.

He laughs at things just to make us laugh at things.

He CAN have good listening ears when he wants to, or he can ignore when he wants to.

He has all eight front teeth (four on top, four on the bottom).

He loves being outside.

He can drink from a sippy cup.

He expresses his frustrations LOUDLY.

And he still loves to cuddle his mama when it’s bed time.

He is getting little curls on the back of his hair.

Yes, our little guy is turning into quite the big guy.  We love watching him explore his world, but I’ll tell you what….

This time next month?  Will be hard on his mama.  Very hard. It’s so hard to watch my little man grow up.

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  1. missy widener says

    So so cute. I love all of his sweet faces. You are such a great mama…

  2. Aw! So cute! It's hard to see them grow up but it does keep getting to be more and more fun. My son is almost 22 months. NUTS.

  3. designHER Momma says

    Gage keeps giving me this "jersey shore"Guido look. I'm not sure if it's cute or scary…

  4. Aw, so sweet. You're lucky he's getting all this teeth on schedule. Both my kids didn't get four bottom front teeth til 2-3yrs. Seriously. It was nuts.

  5. Kimberly says

    You're right…so much better than watching Lost!!! He's so adorable!!

  6. Hi! I found you thru blogfrog and you have a very handsome little man! Mine is 7 now and it goes by way too fast!!

  7. unicyclerose says

    Eddie is too dam cute….He reminds me of my blonde hair blue eyed boys when they were teeny-tiny with a plug in their mouth. Sweet pictures!

  8. Mama Hen says

    What a cutie! I am following you now from MBC! Come visit me at Mama's Little Chick.

    Mama Hen