Friday Finds

I love the Gap.  No, correction.  I love the GAP OUTLET!  They always have the most comfy, cute clothes that actually look good on me and my not-so-fit-mom-bod.  Well, in my humble opinion they look good, meaning they don’t make me look like the two-ton cow I feel like.
Recently I “liked” the Holland Gap Outlet fan page on facebook.  Best. Move. Ever.  This is how I found out that this whole weekend, everything in the store would be 40% off.  My arm did NOT need to be twisted.
So today, on my day off, I counted up my allowance (perhaps a budget post to explain this in the future?  don’t know if that is interesting or not…), and decided I could spend $100 of my money on some new summer stuff.  So off I went.

Deals is an understatement.  I walked up to the cashier thinking I had maybe gone over my limit.  I walked out skipped out of the store with a bag and a receipt for UNDER my limit. Of course I was so giddy with excitement, I tweeted this info and my friend, Grace, who lives in beautiful Mexico was excited to know what I got.  She doesn’t get to the Gap often, so this is for her!

First, I stocked up on some of my favorite Gap wife-beater-esque tank tops.  These things are so dang comfy.  They are form fitting, but still seem to hide the fact that I still have muffin top.

I also got these two shirts.  The yellow one because my husband tells me I look nice in yellow, and because it has a cute opening in the back.  The green one because it has ruffles.  I like ruffles.  Both super light-weight and comfy.

Then there were jean shorts.  I have the HARDEST time finding shorts.  They are either too short and show off way too much of my cottage cheesey, spider vein thighs, or they are way too long and make my knees look all knobby.  These are a nice length.  Plus they fit just right as to not contribute to the muffin hang-over issue.

Comfy cargo “surplus” shorts.  Um…surplus?  Yes, I have that.  Sold.

And the best find…a bathing suit!  In the ugly hunt for a bathing suit, I have finally owned up to the facts that
A) I just can’t wear anything that comes in two pieces…at least not until lose some weight.  Even though there ARE people at the beach who show off the rolls, I do not want to be one of them.
B) no bathing suit takes off 30 pounds.  sadly.

The best part about this bathing suit is that I wasn’t looking for bathing suits.  Gap Outlet had ONE one-piece so I thought, “what the hay, I’ll try it on”.

It’s not my favorite.  I don’t automatically look svelte and stunning, but it works.  And with the discount, it was only $17.  Seriously. I could wear it once and it would be worth it.

My total bill for all that?  $98.53.  The receipt told me that I saved over $67!  Cort was so impressed, he left and bought his own bathing suit for a whopping $15.

Sluiter Nation is ready for the beach!

Note:  I did not post this because of any compensation.  I just really love Gap Outlet this much.

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  1. OH MY WORD. I was laughing throughout that entire post! Ah, thanks for making my day. I can always use more giggles.

    I must admit, I'm jealous though. I wish I could traipse (is that a word?) on over to Gap to shop my heart out, AKA chase my toddler and re-hang everything he pulls down.

    Seriously though, you have great taste! When I put in my request for this post, however, I did envision YOU being in the pictures! 😉


  2. Trisha V. says

    Good thing you are ready for the beach, we might be there for the first time this weekend!!! Yay! So excited!!

    Now, I NEED to go to the outlet and get myself a suit! Oh and become "friends" with gap outlet online. Thats right I learn my lessons from your blog!

  3. Mama Hen says

    Boy you just inspired me to get to the store! You got some great things! Thanks your your warm comment on Mama's Little Chick!

    Mama Hen

  4. ~ValianEfforts~ says

    Totally loved this blog post, I too love the gap outlet, well really I love ALL outlet stores 🙂 I also love your blog!

  5. Uh. As I read this, I have my own muffin top from the double helping of peach cobbler I had at the faculty lunch. Should've said no to seconds. And now I need to go buy some bigger shorts.