An Eye For Photos

So I said we were going to see the dancers Thursday night and get some more junk food.  That was the plan.  I was totally excited to go see my sis-in-law, MacKenzie, dance and get some cute pictures of her with Eddie by the Tulips.  And eat a corn dog.  And maybe a fat ball.  It was going to be great.

Then Cortney went to the doctor Thursday morning and they told him he had bronchitis and that I should probably come in that afternoon too.  Turns out, mine had progressed a bit further than his and I had early pneumonia.  (Eddie is totally fine.  No worries!)  So almost $100 in prescriptions and co-pays later and we are told to stay in the house and rest for at least 24 hours.

No Tulip Time for us!

However, I was checking my twitter account and reading my daily dose of blogs yesterday from my chair, and I came across a little nugget of wonderful.  If you know anything about twitter and the blog world, you know it’s easy to find great blogs through blogs through blogs, etc.  Anyway, I found mooshinindy, through my friend designhermomma (real name Emily whom I went to high school with).  mooshinindy takes AMAZING pictures, and she just so happened to come with Emily to Tulip Time this year for the first time.  Her pictures are breathtaking.  Check them out!

They make me happy just looking at them!  I feel my childhood all over again!

And today, now that we are all feeling better, we may (after the parade traffic dies down, of course) try again for some delicious junk food.  And a picture of my little Dutch Boy in the Tulips!

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  1. designHER Momma says

    Yep, she is amazing. Her pictures are pretty good too 🙂

  2. moosh in indy. says

    I'm blushing like a tulip in Veldheer's here. (Said in a totaly New York accent because in my dreams that's where I'm from, well, until this last week and now I totally want to be Dutch.)