Nine Month Well Baby

Today was Eddie’s nine-month well baby appointment and as usual, he checked out great!

The nurse measured him at 31 inches, which is in the 97th percentile–so he’s still pretty “tall” for his age.

His head measured 48.5 cm around, which is also in the 97th percentile.

Then came the big weigh in….drum roll, please….our “wee one” weighed in at a whopping 24 lbs even today! This put him down to the 90th percentile for weight. All that moving and crawling around must be good aerobic exercise!
Even Eddie enjoyed reading the stats!

After the physical, Doctor A checked out his teeth; he has three through on the bottom, but she could feel his top ones just through his gums on the top. I guess that means we have some more teething in our near future!
Then it was time for the performance part of the appointment. Eddie was allowed to crawl around and show how he can get himself to standing and back to sitting. He did a very nice job.

No shots today for our Wee One–which is great because that means he left loving the Doc visit instead of giving everyone the stink eye.

We also got the green light to give him any soft people food that is not full of preservatives or fat. Healthy veggies, breads, fruits, starches, etc. No eggs or excessive dairy yet though.

We are also going to start transitioning him to eating his meals rather than drinking them–so small bottles with food at meals and snack times, but we will still give him a bottle before bed. Ed’s a pretty big fan of eating, so we don’t see him having a problem with this at all.

The next appointment isn’t until July–when our guy will be a YEAR old! By that time he will probably be able to walk into the office! So hard for me to imagine, but so true!

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  1. missy widener says

    walking to the office? madness. don't worry his buddy is not far behind at 19 pounds 11 ounces at 6 months old….and I love that you take pictures in the office. so awesome. go real people food!!