It’s Sort of a Family Thing

Saturday evening, Cortney’s cousin, Aaron married his beautiful fiance, Jen on WMU’s campus. It was fun to drive through campus again and see all the places we frequented way back in the day. And it was a lovely wedding ceremony–filled with smiles and laughter.
After the ceremony we went to the reception at CityScape downtown Kalamazoo. It was simple and elegant to say the least.
The food was so yummy and the drinks were quite good too! We had so much fun with all our family members, be we loved hanging out with the Sluiter siblings the most!
Liz and I were all OVER that reception: she was a dancing fool and I was trying out my new camera (and the free cosmopolitans)!
Cortney and I had a great time having a little date night to the wedding/reception thanks to my brother Mike and sis-in-law Ashley for watching Eddie!

Dave was a groomsman for Aaron, and he and Kenz looked so cute as usual.
And when DON’T these two look cute? Seriously…most photogenic couple ever.

We tried…11 times…to get a decent picture of the six of us, and well, this is by far the best shot. It just shows you how much fun we have when we get to hang out with our family!

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  1. missy widener says

    I love your pose in the last picture. awesome.