Chicago Is the Town of BFF’s

This weekend was my birthday. Yes, yes…I turned the big 32 on Saturday. To celebrate, my best friend and my husband arranged for a fun-filled weekend in Chicago! We arrived Friday evening after dropping Eddie off with my parents. It was pretty hard to leave him behind for a whole weekend, but he was great for my mom and dad and Cort and I had a TON of fun!

Cortney got us a suite at the Homewood Suites right downtown Chicago. This was our view.
Saturday morning, Tonya and Jeremy met us at our hotel and we took the train to meet Trisha, Ben, and Jordan for some lunch. I was excited to see my birthday date!
After lunch the four ladies went and got manicures and pedicures. Then we met the boys back for a cocktail.
On our way back to the train, I met a new friend.
Bye, bye Visels! See you all back for dinner tonight!
For dinner we went to a YUMMY restaurant called Carnivale. It was Brazilian, Pan-American sort of food. It was so festive I felt like I was dining inside a samba dance!

This was the ceiling….see what I mean?

So great! It was dinner AND an experience! There was just so much to look at!
mmmm! and their passionfruit margaritas weren’t bad either! YUM!

Jeremy enjoyed the cocktails too!

So much fun due to the great planning of my Best Friend: Tonya! She is the greatest!

And this guy did a great job making plans too! We had such a wonderful time!

Cortney and I both ordered the 12 ounce New York strip. I am fairly certain this was the yummiest steak I have EVER had in my LIFE!

For dessert (of course we all had dessert even though we could barely finish our meals), we got an order of churros…
AND a pineapple split. Yes, it was just as tasty as it looks–which is ridiculously tasty!

Once again, I LOVE this girl! She certainly knows how to make me happy on my birthday!
Oh, our waitress was pretty awesome too–she brought me a birthday cake with a candle! Yeah!

These ladies are some of the greatest friends EVER! They made my day so dang happy!
We all had such a super time–I hope we can do it again sometime!
After dinner we went for cocktails at a nice bar near our hotel called Rock Bottom. We shared laughs and stories and so much fun! Afterward, Cort and I parted ways from our friends and walked hand-in-hand back to our hotel.
Sunday we left the Windy City and headed back home to our wee one. It was such an amazing weekend, but we were happy to reunite as a family back home! Thanks to everyone for the great birthday!!!

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  1. missy widener says

    love your new friend, love the ceiling, love the food, but most of all, love how happy you are in every moment! happy birthday to you pretty!!