"C" is for Cookie

Last week we decided Eddie was ready to try some new snacks. Cort bought Ed some new cheesy puff looking things and these lovely teething biscuits. He loved both, but the teething biscuits are definitely messier.
At first he sucked on it. Then he began to gum it to death…

As he slurped, the “cookie” got smaller and slimier…

Eventually it was reduced to almost nothing. We had to take it away in the end because Ed wanted to shove it in his mouth–which lead to some gagging.

We gave him another “cookie” tonight and again, he loved it, becoming super messy. His top teeth are just starting to cut through (finally! wait, did I say that?) and that thing probably feels great on those sore gums!
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  1. missy widener says

    nas-tay those things are but they love it, I know, so it is worth it….soon ethanator will be in the world of teeth with his buddy, I think….I can't imagine eddie with some top toofers!! awesome.

  2. We never had our boys eat those because of the gag factor– for them and for me!! Ugg.