Look Out, Louis. Eddie is Mobile!

So yesterday Eddie started crawling. It still hasn’t registered with him that he can pretty much go wherever he wants now. We are not excited about that realization occurring to him. We are pretty content to watch him crawl about three paces to a toy and then lay there and play with it.

The one family member who is NOT excited about it all is poor Louis. Louis used to like to find a place near Eddie, but out of reach to lay down. This way he could keep an eye on his “boy,” but not get his faced ripped off by an over-zealous 7-month old. This worked out great for him.

Until yesterday.

Today Eddie started crawling AT Louis. And as you can guess, having the wee one all up in his grill, was NOT Louis’ idea of fun times.
So he ran away. Eddie was left to just watch after the cat. He hasn’t QUITE figured out that if he wanted to, he could follow the cat all over the upstairs. So for now, he just watches the cat leave.

Luckily daddy wasn’t too far away, and these two handsome devils spent some time watching TV while I made dinner.
Just a typical evening in Sluiter Nation.

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  1. so cute!!! wowwwwwwwwwwwww, crawling already! that is wild. maybe in a few mos Louis, LuLu, & Murphy can form a support group for felines' whose children went mobile on them. tell Luis to look for his MEOWvite. =)