The Sluiter Family Christmas Cottage

This weekend was the FIFTH annual Sluiter Family Retreat up to Northport Retreat, or as some have starting calling it, our Christmas Cottage.

This year our little family didn’t make the trip until Saturday morning because of unexpected work stuff on my part. It didn’t matter, though, everyone was excited to see us…although I suspect they were more excited to see one particular member of our family than the others.
This was Eddie’s first year to the Christmas Cottage. Last year he was along in fetus form. We didn’t even know he was a little boy yet! We just knew that he made me nap a LOT that weekend!

Eddie was pretty good at making friends with everyone, but he became especially great buds with cousin Jamie’s little boy, Odis. I know, you are thinking they are the same age. Almost. Odie is 10 months and Eddie is 6 months. They weigh the same. Go Ed.

The aunts loved playing with our little Eddie. Aunt Lisa even got Eddie on all fours; although I am not so sure he was a fan.

Not to worry though, Aunt Lynn was there to jump in and offer cuddles! Yeah, she’s good like that!
Dinner time is always a fun time to catch up too. And eat meatballs. Mmmm….meatballs…
After dinner we had worship time with Cousin Steve delivering this year’s Christmas message. It’s great to worship together, but it’s just so wonderful to be all together.
After the message, it was time for games. The Steve Sluiter Family (that would be us and the sibs!) were in charge of the games this year. Kenz led a Sluiter Family Trivia Game where we found out some fun facts about each other. Then Cort and I led a scavenger hunt (which, if anyone has pics from the hunt, I would love to have them…you know, of the group pics or anything funny you have pics of). One of the items the teams had to get was a group photo of their team members with Grandpa and Grandma.
Another item was the YMCA…Love this shot! Thanks to Aunt Diane for the pics!
After all the fun, it was time for Eddie to retire. Our little family had our own room, and we set up Eddie’s pack n play by my side of the bed. He’s had naps in it before, but never slept the whole night in it. We weren’t sure how it would go, but after letting him play awhile, I laid him down and he rolled over and slept the night away! What a good boy!
In the morning we waited for a yummy breakfast of pig in the blankets, a variety of quiches, potatoes, bacon, and a bread pudding. Yum!
There it is! Thank you to all who chipped in to help feed us! We are so well taken care of when we are up north!
Everyone enjoyed our final meal together before we had to pack up and leave until another year.
And of course…Eddie got in some quality time with Great Grandpa and Grandma Sluiter.
We love hanging out and spending time with all our Sluiter family. We miss those who weren’t there, and we wish we had more time with those who were.

I am sure others have great pics to share and I would love to see them and maybe even get copies! Email me and let me know!

Thanks to Grandpa and Grandma for making all the arrangements year after year and getting us all together. It’s truly a great thing that a family of our size can get so many of us together each year! As for our little family, we had a great time and can’t wait until next year!

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