Santa…On a Boat?

Ok, maybe not ON a boat, but Santa DID make an appearance up that Yacht Club today, so of course Eddie was there to meet him.

When Santa made his grand appearance, Jake was right there ready to help him ring his bells!

Eddie sort of ignored him and ate his lunch and then played with his toy while the line tapered down a bit.

We waited until the line was all but gone, and then made our way to Santa. Eddie was actually pretty happy about it…until Santa turned him around. I don’t know what it is about the beard/hat combo, but kids all over the place were crying (just ask our godson, Joe. Poor guy!). At least Eddie looked good in his Christmas sweater. I think it impressed Santa.
Mrs. Claus tried to bring Eddie back to all smiles by offering him a little bell, but he had had about enough of all that Christmas cheer.
Luckily we swept him back to familiar faces quickly! Grandma Lynne and all her holiday lights cheered up our little Eddie!
We will try again next year with Santa…hopefully he doesn’t hold Eddie’s sour looks against him when he comes down our chimney!

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  1. missy widener says eddie in that holiday sweater on santa's lap? so freakin adorable. and such big smiles! hilarious when you turned him around! I think ethan would do that, too…we will see, we will see. your boy is darn cute.


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