O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree…

Last night we bundled Eddie up to pick out his very first Christmas tree. As you can tell, he was pretty excited. We took him out of his car seat while we wandered around the tree “farm” looking for just the right one. Eddie was quite wide-eyed at A) being out of his car seat while outside and B) all the cars and people that were around. He held on to me pretty tightly and didn’t say much.
Here Eddie and I are perusing the trees that were available. Eddie made the final decision, a 7-foot blue spruce.
When we got home, Cort put our new tree in it’s new stand and strung the lights. While dinner was in the oven, I finished the decorating. Eddie was pretty excited!
He seems to be a fan of having this new sylvan addition to our living room–especially all the pretty lights!
Today after work, I finished putting all the presents around the tree. It really completed the look.
Eddie was already under the tree, trying to find his gifts. Hey Ed…no touching!
And of course, I was peeking too…I just can’t help myself! Eddie and are a pretty sneaky team!
I think Eddie loves Christmas so far! I am sure as the celebrating continues, he will learn how even better it can all get!

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  1. super cute and so fun! … and hey, that outfit looks awfully familiar! is he really wearing 9 mos already!? (that's the size i bought, wasn't it?) Quinn's first baby's-first-cmas ornament was the first on our tree on Sunday. i took a pix, duh, that will eventually make it's way to the blog that is in dire need of updating!

  2. missy widener says

    you are such a good mama capturing all of eddie's firsts and you look so genuinely happy I just love it. you all make my heart smile and feel all warm and fuzzy inside. and hey, ethan is wearing some 6-12 month pieces already and he isn't even three months yet. chubby adorable smiley formerly colic babies rule. enough said.