An Almost "Solid" Post

Like I said in the post about Eddie’s 4-month well-baby visit, the doctor gave us the green light to go ahead and try rice cereal. Well, we are not ALL trying it…eh, you get the point.

Last night Cortney and I put Eddie in his highchair–he seemed to like sitting by us while we ate–and I mixed up a pretty soupy version of rice cereal. I used just water and made it just a tad thicker than what his formula would be.
He seemed pretty interested in putting that spoon in his mouth. He seemed a little confused at the weird consistency that was in his mouth, but he swallowed most of it…even though it looks like lots got on his bib!
Today we tried eating in the bumbo. He ate a LOT more today…and consequently got more on his bib. Other than getting distracted by his bouncey, the TV, the cat, etc., he was pretty ready for each new bite–exploring it all a bit more than yesterday.
Our big boy is working on getting even bigger! We plan to give him the cereal soup about once a day until he realizes it can be a meal…then we will thicken it up and serve it with a bottle at a meal time. Although we can have all the plans in the world–Ed does what he does when he wants to! We Sluiters just go with the flow around here–and Eddie seems to be doing just fine with it!

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  1. Meyers Family says

    oh fun! i remember those days and YES the bumbo IS a lot easier to feed in until they can sit better in the high chair – plus you can put that thing anywhere (okay not supposed to be on a table/counter, but we were risk-takers!). while it's fun starting solids, there's no turning back to the days of just bottle (for some reason, that seemed so much easier/cleaner/quicker 🙂 gotta move on eventually – fun times!

  2. missy widener says

    awesome bib. your friend, missy, will keep you stylish always eddie…rock on with the cereal. I love watching them take their first bites, hilarious faces ensue. be ready to videotape when you bring on the baby food jars. good stuff. just don't eat it yourself. I meant good stuff on videotape. though the peaches are the whip. okay, I'm done.