A "Coming"

Sluiters are never left to be sad for very long! While this week we had a “going” with Cort’s job situation, we also had a very big, joyous “coming.” This weekend we finally, after almost nine years of waiting, OFFICIALLY welcomed Liz into the family as a Sluiter.

Friday night we started the celebration with the rehearsal at the Pillar Church in Holland and then continued at City Vu for a time of socializing and, of course, eating!

Cortney and I decided to give Cody and Liz their wedding gift the day before their day (like we did with MacKenzie and Dave). We got them a painting by our friend, Mat, of London rendered from a picture Liz took when she and Cody were there. I don’t think they were so surprised that we got them a painting, but they WERE surprised at what the painting was of. Oh, and Big Ben is set to 10:17…because their wedding date is 10/17. We also have a picture in our house by Mat of Pike’s Market Place in Seattle with the clock set to 6:18 because our wedding date is 6/18. Yeah, we are pretty slick like that.
The dinner and fellowship was so much fun! It made us even MORE excited for the next day!
The day of the wedding came quickly and it was a busy one! Eddie is sick with a cold, so Cortney and I were up all night with a snuffley baby who couldn’t get comfy. 8:45am on the dot my mom was at our house to help Cort drop off the truck in Grand Haven and then to “nanny” Eddie while Cort got ready and I went to the salon with the ladies. Then I met them back at our house and the whole Sluiter family got ready and shipped ourselves over to the church.

I went to work as the Personal Attendant as soon as I got there. I made sure everyone was getting ready, getting some lunch, and getting their smiles on!

The church looked great!

As did the flowers!
My next job was to deliver the gifts to the waiting bride and groom. Groom was first. Liz had a note she sent along to tell Cody how happy and excited she was.
And she gave him tickets to the U of M game against Purdue. He was pretty excited. The groomsmen were too until they realized the other ticket was for Liz, not one of them.
Then I delivered Liz her gift: A Jared bag (he went to Jared!) and a sweet note from her Cody.
The watch was BEAUTIFUL and went perfectly with her dress and other jewelry. Good job, Cody!
After millions of pictures, it was time for the ceremony…which was BEAUTFUL as well!
And the celebration began as soon as they were pronounced man and wife! Cortney and Kathryn shook their maracas (and their groove thangs) as the exited the sanctuary.
My job was complete! After the couple ran from the church, we all boarded the trolly to get the celebration started!
Cortney and I enjoyed being “the other” Mr. and Mrs. Sluiter! It was such a fun day!
MacKenzie and Dave rode along on the (bumpy) trolley ride as well. It was a family celebration, after all!
When we arrived at the reception hall, the bridal party headed out to take some more pictures around the golf course and I went inside to get warm and let the master and mistress of ceremony know we were here.
Everything looked beautiful from the head table to the cake!
The newly weds basked in the glory of their celebration dancing it up and socializing with family and friends.
The rest of us had good times too! Trisha and I of COURSE got a shot of ourselves all prettied up for a night out!
And Cortney and I danced the night away! We don’t get many nights out and with Eddie safely tucked away at my parents’ house for the night, we took full advantage!
We even spent the night away from home as sort of a mini-vacation. Eddie did a good job with my mom, even though he has been feeling a little under the weather.

And now all the sibling weddings are over! It’s been a crazy year: Kenz and Dave in June, Eddie arriving in June, Mike and Ashley in August, and now Cody and Liz in October! We have had so many additions to our family this year and we are so lucky and grateful for such a wonderful family!

We love you all…and congratulations to Cody and Liz! Married life is so great! We hare so happy that you guys are starting your journey and that we could be part of your celebration!

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  1. missy widener says

    your hair looks fabulous as usual…love that dress on you. love the colors of the wedding. liz looks gorgeous, and I wish I was there dancing with you! soon, soon pretty I say…