Well, Baby, You Are Great!

Eddie is 11 weeks old today…2 1/2 months. He also had his 2 month “well baby” appointment this afternoon. I will admit, I was a little nervous since he was going to be getting shots today, but I tried to hold it together for my little man–plus Cortney came along in case I couldn’t handle it.
Eddie was weighed (14 pounds!) and measured (25 1/2 inches!) He is in the 75th percentile for weight, but the 95th for length! He is pretty long, apparently. His head measured 43 cm which is the 95th percentile. The doc said he’s nice and proportional.

The rest of his appointment went well too. He seems to be normal…which is a feat in this family! Ha! We asked about him always pulling at his right ear, but it seems it is just one of his tired movements; his ears checked out just fine.

The only thing left to do was give him his immunizations. The nurses came in and first gave him his oral Rotavirus one and then they gave him the other three (combo shots to prevent against Hep B, Polio, Pneumococcal diseases, DtP, and Hib) through shots in the leg. They did two at the same time and he let out a powerful cry and then they quick did the third. He calmed down pretty quickly just to realize it still sort of hurt, so he cried big crocodile tears for a couple minutes. Then, like the brave boy he is, he was totally fine. You can see the bandaid where one of the shot was given…
He napped the whole way home and then chugged a bottle once we got settled back home. He’s sweetly napping again as I type this.

He was MUCH better behaved at this appointment than at his two-week one. He LOVED being in his diaper on the paper on the exam table. He kicked and cooed the whole time! Our next appointment is November 9 for his 4-month Well Baby Appointment. He may just be rolling around by that time–he changes so much so quickly! But for now, our baby is a Well Baby!

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  1. missy widener says

    yes eddie, rockin it in your sweet dino onesie..hey that still fits him so he can't be too big…but he does look really long…can you believe he once fit in your belly?! that is how I feel right now…he is so cute….and if you could stop looking fabulous in every picture taken of you that would be great.