Remember how I mentioned we had our family pictures taken last week? And remember this picture of my VERY pregnant friend, Missy, taking said pictures?
Well she worked like a crazy woman (some will say nesting/end of pregnancy will do that to you…I wouldn’t know…I just got lazier), and has already edited our shoot! I think she is trying to tidy up her photo shoot stuff before her little one arrives. Whatever the reason, I was SOOO excited to get the email from her that our “sneak peek” is already up on her website!

Check out how great she is…oh…and how much my family looks like they are having fun…


We love Missy and her work…even Eddie loves her…even though he fell asleep during the shoot…

We can’t wait for her to take Ed’s 3 (plus a little due to baby arrival) month pictures next month! Fall will be the theme for this shoot and we are SOOO excited….for the shoot as well as for holding that new little baby that is due to arrive any minute now!

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  1. missy widener says

    aww, thanks….I wooed eddie to sleep with my miss feather chants and giant belly swaying in the wind apparently….oh and can you send me that pic to my email (or if you took any others?) thank you pretty!

  2. The Sluiters says

    no prob. i only took two and then i left my camera with everything else on the beach while our pics were being taken. oops!