The Escape Artist

Eddie loves his gym! It’s got lots to look at; it plays tunes; AND his friend, Jim the Octopus, hangs from the top and smiles down at him. You would think he would want to stay here all day! That is why a couple times a day we lay him down just like this to be entertained.
However, this past week, we noticed something. Eddie was trying to escape from the gym! He gets so excited that he has learned to plant his feet and swivel his hips. This results in a bit of scooting. It doesn’t help that they gym is a bit silky and he moves quite quickly across it.

Yesterday he managed to turn himself 90 degrees and scoot himself right into the coffee table!

Today I got out of the shower to find that he had turned himself 180 degrees and had pushed himself up against the ottoman (which I moved for the picture)!
He is all smiles now, but when he gets stuck, he gets awfully mad. He is also starting to prefer the freedom of the floor to the confinement of his bouncy. This has me suspecting he will be quite the independent little go getter some day! We will enjoy his semi-immobility while it lasts, thank you!

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  1. missy widener says

    hilarious. love those pajamas in the last shot.

  2. He is getting so big. I mean really, soon he will be running with the Visel boys! WOW!