My Baby Brother…Not Such A Baby Anymore!

This past Saturday was maybe not what most people would think of as the most beautiful day for a wedding, but it was. It was a beautiful day. It was my baby brother’s wedding day!

Mike and Ashley got engaged in May and were married this past Saturday at her parents’ house in Zeeland. Regardless of the weather, it was simply perfect!

Our whole family was somehow involved: Ashley’s older sister, Thara was the maid of honor, Chris was Mike’s best man, Ashley’s niece, Leila was the flowergirl, and Jack was the ring bearer. Cortney and I were the Master and Mistress of Ceremony, while Ashley’s little sister, Tiffanie was the guest book attendant and her nephew, Trevor, was the program attendant. Even Eddie wore matching black and red to blend in with the wedding party!

Jack wasn’t so sure about his tux until he noticed he could see his face in his shiney shoes…and they made tap noises when he walked around. Top that off with the fact that I told him it was a zoot suit…oh man…he ended up loving it! He even agreed to get near Eddie for a picture!
Eddie was pretty dang cute…I can’t lie.

Mike and Ashley saw each other before the wedding for pictures. They made SUCH a cute couple…well, they do anyway, but they clean up pretty nicely!

And how adorable are they with Leila and Jack? Too bad Eddie and Trevor weren’t in the picture; they would have had all their nieces and nephews!
Ashley’s dad, Paul, and stepdad, Kevin both walked her down the aisle. She looked so beautiful walking toward my little brother. I nearly burst with joy.
Despite intermitent rain, the ceremony was absolutely wonderful! In fact, I think it was romantic that they were married in the rain!

They even wrote a little something to each other that they read during the ceremony. It’s a good thing Mike’s back was to me and I couldn’t hear him because I probably would have lost it–much as Ashley and my mom did.

After the wedding, everyone headed to the Lincoln Country Club in Standale for the reception.

Mike and Ashley cut their cake right away so we could get dinner and dancing under way!
Mike kept saying to me, “I’m married!” and “This is my wife!” Aw! And Ashley just kept giggling. They are so perfect for each other!
Cort and I didn’t make such a bad looking couple ourselves.
And Jack? That kid boogied the night away! He was on the dance floor ALL night until Sarah came to pick him up!
At one point he even told my mom his feet hurt, but he didn’t want to take off his shoes because he loved them so much!
Everyone had a great time…even Leila found herself a little dance partner in my cousin Jenise’s son Brody!
She also LOVED dancing with her aunt “Lashes”!
Jack danced with Grandpa and Grandma. Later in the night he cut in on Cortney so he could spin me around the dance floor.
Chris and I were so proud of Michael for finding such a great girl to be our new sister!
And my parents? I think they were just as excited to have a new daughter as they were to have another kid married off! Ha ha…just kidding, mom and dad!
Everyone toasted the new couple…Mike must have been having fun because pieces of his tux kept disappearing the more dancing he did!
By the end of the night, Mike had danced with everyone…including his new little niece, Leila.
The next morning, Ashley’s parents hosted a brunch for us to watch Mike and Ashley open their gifts. Ashely’s mom and sister, Thara, made a DELICIOUS spread for us!
Look how cute…even reading the cards together! aw!
Don’t worry…just because Mike is “all growed up,” doesn’t mean he isn’t still acting like his old self!
We are just so happy for the new couple! Mike finally married his Princess this weekend and Cort, Chris, and I gained a beautiful new sister! Welcome to the family, Ashley! We love you!

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  1. missy widener says

    dang, love the red and black and that cake is sweet..and I love that they braved it and just did it in the rain..I so wish I had been there to capture it, dammit jim!!!! and that lil tux on jack? oh my word….too adorable. and red and black are perfect rock star colors for eddie…..and yes, you looked absolutely gorgeous…I may have to have rachel do my hair someday…