Two Months Ago…

That’s right…just what Ed’s shirt says, A Rock Star was Born!

Yesterday, Eddie turned 8 weeks old, I guess that is two months, right? The 23rd isn’t until Sunday, so we will just say he is 2 months THIS WEEK.

Anyway, you’re probably wondering what great strides our little man is making. No, he is not walking or driving a car yet, but he is doing some fun things.

  • He doesn’t JUST eat, sleep, and cry anymore. He has some extended awake and alert periods. Usually his “waking times” are right away in the morning after Cort leaves for work (around 7:30), again during late morning (after 10:00), in the afternoon (around 3:00), and again at night (6:00ish). These usually coincide with his eating schedule. He eats, then he’s happy and alert.
  • He is eating a lot more! He is up to 5 oz at each of his feedings and he is averaging 5-6 feedings a day.
  • When he is alert, he is super alert…and ready to chat! He coos and smiles and screeches happily when he’s awake. He loves to sit in his bouncy seat and pump his legs and wave his arms to the vibrations and music that emit from the seat. He even has a favorite tune that the seat plays. We play it so much around here that I have found myself humming it in public. Yeah, I know. Lovely.
  • He is still QUITE a snuggle bear. He is getting better at falling asleep on his own (in his bouncy or on my bed) during the day, but before bedtime at night he still needs to be calmed and cuddled by his mama or daddy. And some days the bouncy or my bed still aren’t good enough and he and I end up watching terrible day-time TV while he struggles for a nap. We’re still working on that though!
  • He can bring his hands together in front of his face. This is something usually not seen until 3 months, but we have been playing LOTS of patty-cake around here!
  • He loves Dr. Seuss! I must have read Green Eggs and Ham over and over a million times! Thanks to Erin for The Lorax–it’s a nice change and he loves the rhythm just as much. I also hear that Jack and Sarah have a Dr. Seuss book for him…we are very excited!
  • He loves to be pulled up in a sitting position or a standing position. Again, these are things that don’t usually show up until the 3rd month or so, but he loves it. He has VERY strong legs–which he loves to pump in the bath, subsequently splashing his mama!
  • He is not so good with tummy time. While he LOVES to sleep on his tummy, he does NOT love to work on his neck this way. According to my books, he is maybe a bit behind with this, but he is so dang stubborn! He will push his face into the floor and cry instead of trying. I have NO idea where he gets such a stubborn streak from! Ha!
  • He LOVES to travel! That boy will fall asleep the minute you put the carseat in the car or in the stroller. It’s so nice!
  • He sleeps like a bear…or his mama…which means even the loudest dang thunderstorms don’t phase him. We love that!

So he is doing lots for such a little guy–which might explain why last night he slept through the night for the very first time…he is just downright POOPED from being such a dang rock star all day long!

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  1. Thanks for the props, dude!! =)

  2. Olivia hated tummy time too but does sleep on her tummy. They are meant to be 🙂

  3. missy widener says

    okay, I LOVE that picture of eddie, it just makes me smile a mile wide….and go mommy for keeping such great track of his accomplishments…he will thank you for it some day…you are awesome.