The Boater’s Blood Runs Deep

From what I am told, boating can get in a person’s blood.

Cort grew up with the Swanberg family: Chris (who was Cort’s dad’s best friend), Leone, Trisha, and Jason. Their families boated together for years on the big lake taking weekend and day trips together. In fact, Cort always referred to his dad’s boat as “a cottage on water.”

My family always had a much smaller boat, but we took it up to an actual cottage of some sort on a small, inland lake almost every summer while I grew up. My dad would fish or pull me, my brothers, and our friends around on the tube.

Both of us have loved being on the water most of our lives. We always hoped our kids would love it too. This past weekend, I got a chance to find out.

While Cortney went golfing this past Sunday, Eddie and I joined our “Alto Family,” the Swanbergs and Visels, for a lovely boat ride on the Swanberg’s Sea Ray. It was his first time out and I was excited about it!

As you can tell, boating DID have an effect on Eddie…it put him RIGHT to sleep!

I don’t think he even noticed as we said, “see ya!” to Holland and headed north toward Grand Haven.

He slept and slept and the wind blew through his toes. Even the wee bit of waves we encountered didn’t wake him up!
Once we got to Grand Haven and slowed it down, it was time for Eddie to eat. He was totally comfortable…in fact, I don’t even know if he knew he was on a boat.
Eddie wasn’t the only one who was lulled to sleep by the droan of the motor. Joe snoozed up top by Grammy and Papa. I bet you didn’t know that a life jacket could double as a sleeping bag.
Jake also took a snooze during the trip. It didn’t even phase him that he was wearing a life jacket! He just threw his blanket, “Big Green,” over himself and took a siesta!
The weather wasn’t perfect–but the ride was great! Trisha grabbed my camera while I fed Eddie and took some pics in Grand Haven.
After eating, Eddie sat by Leone and learned about boating. I think he is watching Chris closely here trying to learn the ropes.
He also cuddled by Trisha while watching the few people on the boardwalk and at the state park in GH.
Joe and Ben enjoyed the view too!
And before we took off south, Trisha and Jake watched the waves in the channel.
Then off we went back down south to Holland. All the while Jake gleefully chanting, “faster! faster!” to his Papa! Joe and I held on tight while Eddie went right back to sleep.
When we got back in slip, Cortney was back from golfing and was eager to see how his little guy did on his first boat ride. Eddie didn’t have too much to say…he just snuggled up and took yet another nap. I guess boating is hard work!
We hope Eddie continues to be an easy-going boater! He has many more rides ahead of him!

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  1. missy widener says

    seriously, isn't it amazing how they can just sleep through it all and I would be hanging off the side…my kids love waves and love to go fast..and me? not so much…eddie loved the fresh air I am sure…glad you guys had fun!!