From College Students to Mommies

This past weekend Cort and I took Eddie on his first trip across the state. The trip was something we do every year–usually around Christmas–to see the girls (and their ever-growing families) I went to college with. This year we decided to switch the reunion to summer since we are started to become taken over by kids, and this way they can play inside AND outside!

Our great friends, the Botosans, hosted this year’s event in Canton, MI. Their daughter, Olivia, was so excited to see her boyfriend, Eddie, again!
Gwen (Kim’s daughter), we probably even MORE excited to see Eddie! These two girls LOVE babies and were such big helps with making sure Eddie got lots of kisses and pats on the head. They also kept great tabs on his belly button. You know, to make sure it didn’t go anywhere.

My friend, Erin, had a baby exactly one month after Eddie was born: little Quinn. And I am NOT kidding about little! She is one month younger than Ed, but half the size…what a little cutie!
She was a bit fussy, so I tried to talk to her about that. She really didn’t pay much attention. Not anything out of the normal for me!
Erin and I did the great baby swap for a few minutes. I wanted to know what a 7-pound baby felt like…since, you know, I never had one. She got to feel what a heavy-weight feels like. Now, I don’t have proof since I haven’t weighed him lately, but I am guessing Ed is pushing about 14 pounds. BIG BOY!
I even got a chance to feed little Quinny while Erin and Gwen kept Eddie under control.
Aw! Erin is so good with him…slept like a, well, baby!
Tara had to get her hands on the little guy too!
As did Anton! See that smile on my face…I love having so many people who just want to take him! I actually got to eat my meal without interruption!
As we do every year, we posed with all the kids. Six friends with a total of ten kids. No one is pregnant this year, but I am sure we will add to the brood again before long with SOMEONE!
We tried to get a picture of just the girls, but babies and toddlers always creep in…that is Ok…someday we will all run away to some place fabulous like Vegas for time away from our little families. Until then, kids in the shot is just fine!
We love seeing everyone and catching up! It was such a GREAT day! Thanks to the Botosans for the hospitality and thanks to the Nutts and the Pattersons for the cute gifts for Eddie and thanks to ALL of you for all your years of friendship! Can’t wait til next year!

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  1. missy widener says

    the group shot with all the kids turned out really good! and hokey toots, that is a lot of kids! amazing compared to just all of you not so long ago…thanks for sharing the pictures, loved them!