Celebrating with our Siblings

Saturday was a big day of celebration for mine and Cortney’s youngest siblings. We started our afternoon with a shower for Cody and Liz. It was supposed to be at the marina, but due to rain, Lynne was great enough to move it to her building in the old Chris-Craft building–where she stores her boat during the off season. Lynne–along with the Swanbergs and Phinney’s–set up tables and moved the food and drink in and it turned out great!
Liz and Cody seemed super happy! And the food was yummy! Check out Joe wolfing down that cookie–YUM!
Of course a shower isn’t a shower unless there are gifts…and there were LOTS of gifts! Talk about being SHOWERED!
Along with the Visel family, we gave Cody and Liz Tiffany champagne glasses for their wedding toast. Everyone loves a little Tiffany’s in their life!
After all the food and gifts, Jake found himself a little lady–Liz’s niece, Lexi. She had him wrapped around her finger. Clearly he was willing to do what she wanted.
Jake even decided to be the “beer man” for awhile. He pulled the beer cooler around and provided the crowd with the tasty, cold beverages they so desperately needed!
Later that night, Liz and I got dressed up and helped Ashley celebrate her last Saturday night of being single. This coming Saturday she marries my little brother!

We all headed to San Chez in GR for dinner. It was SO great! I LOVE that place! Afterward, we went to Ashley’s sister, Thara’s, for more food and gifts and games.
I chose not to post those pics, since bachelorette party pictures are not always suitable for sharing, but Liz and I had a great time celebrating with Ashley!
Cortney and I can’t wait for Mike and Ashley’s wedding this coming Saturday and Cody and Liz’s wedding in October! 2009 has clearly been a BIG year for life-long commitments in our family and we LOVE it!

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  1. missy widener says

    looks like a busy weekend but tons of fun! you weren't kidding about all the love going around this year for the sluiters! that is a whole lotta weddings! I just can't wait to see eddie in a little man suit, or whatever outfit he plans on rocking at the wedding…