A Week in the Life of A Baby

What is a typical week like for Eddie? I would say there is no such thing as “typical” yet…even though our little guy WILL be a whole MONTH old this week, we still don’t have a set pattern. But here are some things he tends to do….

1. Meet new people:
Eddie is still trying to meet all the friends and family who love him. There are LOTS of you out there and we are still trying to get everyone worked in.

Tuesday Eddie helped Jake celebrate his third birthday and he got to meet our godson, Joe.
He also met his “auntie” Leone.
Thursday he met his Great Grandpa Hulst and grandpa’s wife, Linda. He is the fourth great grandbaby and the third great grandson. There are two more great grand babies on the way…and we know for sure one of those is another boy!
He was a little fussy for Linda.
2. Take Walks:
Eddie loves to take walks with Daddy. If he is on a walk with daddy it’s USUALLY because he was so fussy, daddy agreed to get him out of the house for awhile so mommy could get the ringing out of her ears and get a thing or two done.
3. Work Out:
Eddie has a gym that we recently discovered he really loves. We turn the tunes on and he goes to town!

4. Get in Some Tummy Time
The doctor told us Eddie needs to spend a little time each day getting in some tummy time to build his neck strength and control. While he loves to do this while lying on mommy or daddy, he is not usually a big fan of it on the floor.
Although he has mastered some sweet moves while trying!
5. Be Pretty Darn Stinky
Not to get into too much detail, but while the soy formula is starting to work for our guy’s digestive system, it has sort of an adverse side effect: his toots are VICIOUSLY stinky and his number 2’s are even worse. Poor Daddy….
So those are just five things that Eddie can be found doing during a typical week! As he gets a little older and more talented, I am sure we will be adding even more fun things to our weeks, so stay tuned!

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  1. missy widener says

    hilarious. I love his sweet moves on the mat, what a great action shot…he is so strong already! and the one of Cort on the couch with Eddie? priceless. I have heard about the benefits of soy….for baby that is…but not so much for the parents…good times. I can't believe his almost a month old already?! nooooo! I am so coming over next week, you can't stop me! I miss you guys!