OB appointment – 40 weeks (aka How ‘Bout Now?)

If you’ve read the post about Kenzie and Dave’s wedding, you know Cort and I had a big weekend. I was also pretty sure that during this big weekend, Eddie dropped. Yesterday he just felt MUCH lower than he had been before and today I have felt crampy and just exhausted. I even called my mom to ask what a contraction felt like. She wasn’t much help because she said she didn’t remember, but I had an appointment an hour from when I made that call, so I didn’t worry too much.

The appointment started with my weight (the same) and then I had an exam. We found out that yes, Eddie HAS dropped, although he has a little ways to go yet. I was shocked because it feels like he has gone all the way to Florida, but apparently he can go further south. We also found out that I am 75% efaced and 1.5 cm dilated. All good signs that my body (and Ed) are doing what they are supposed to!

I also had an ultrasound today. Eddie appears healthy with a steady heartbeat of 140 bpm again. The doc estimates he’s just a fuzz over 8 lbs at this point and wants to see me again on Wednesday for a quick exam to see if I am dilating any more.

He also scheduled me to go up to the baby floor and have a stress test done for Ed to make sure he is Ok in there.

If I am dilated more and Ed seems to be fine, he may want me in as early as Thursday night to begin to further ripen my cervix and start the induction process. If I am not progressing as quickly, he wants to give my body a little extra time, so then I will probably be brought in Sunday night. He doesn’t want to let me wait to much longer than that, however, since everything is getting rather large and it would probably be best to get this process moving.

Sooo…we may have a baby boy this week!

Please pray that my body knows what to do and does it naturally or at least works well with the meds and such so that Eddie can have a safe and healthy delivery. I would also like to request a quick delivery, but I safe and healthy are really at the top of our list right now…for Eddie and Mommy 🙂

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  1. missy widener says

    you have no idea how anxious I am!! I think it will be this week fahsure, hang in there!