Memorial Day Weekend

We had a really great Memorial Day weekend this year! It was very busy and packed with many fun things…here is the run down for those who are dying to know!

Friday I had the day off so I did some random things around the house. Cortney took advantage of the great weather and went golfing after work. Not a bad way to start a long weekend!

Saturday Cortney tackled outdoor activities like putting in some new bricks around my flower bed in front. My mom and I went and picked out some of my flowers for this year–then I planted them. It’s a good thing I didn’t get them all in one shot like I usually do because I was POOPED after leaning over my baby tummy to get the ones I planted done!
Cortney did a LOT more work than I did and I think I was more exhausted…huh. And yes, I am wearing an ORANGE shirt with PINK shorts. It’s whatever fits is what I wear time now.

Saturday evening Mike and Ashley came over for some snacks and some hanging out. This past week Mike proposed to Ashley and she said YES, so we talked a lot about wedding stuff. They also asked Cort and me to be the Master and Mistress of Ceremonies…awwww!!! I guess Mike knows his sister is good at being bossy!

Sunday afternoon we headed out to the marina for some sitting around and for a cook-out dinner. It was quite tasty and we enjoyed seeing the marina folks again after a looonnnnggg winter!

Monday, Cortney and I met my parents downtown Zeeland for the annual Memorial Day parade. Grandpa Riemersma drove his Galaxy 500 in the parade in the section for WWII vets. Lookin’ good, Gramps!
He actually stopped his car where we were standing to take OUR picture too! Oh Grandpa…so hilarious!

After the parade, Cort and I headed home to get ready to go out to the marina again. The Swanbergs were generous enough to invite us along on the first boat ride of the year with them and their family. We had LOTS of fun because we do LOVE boat rides!

Jake kept Cortney company during the ride back from Saugatuck. I am guessing they discussed life jackets. I asked Jake if his life jacket made him a tough guy and he said, “no, I’m a MAN guy!” Well then.
And not to be out-done by his older brother, Joe also donned his new “man guy” life jacket.
Although, I think he was a little less sure of it than Jake was.

When we got back from our ride, Cody and Liz came wandering up so we all went upstairs to the Club for a bite to eat before heading home.

Overall, it was a GREAT weekend with so many of our family and friends! This weekend definintely gave us a little fever for summer weather!

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  1. missy widener says

    planting flowers with the baby belly…I feel your pain for reals. and I think I wear my ugly pants every other day so go pink and orange ensemble! hot.