A Day With My Girls to Get Ready for My Boy!

Today these beautiful sisters, Missy and Kim,…whom I am also lucky enough to call my friends…threw me a baby shower for all my girl friends. The theme? Rock Star Baby! They went ALL out with this theme too! Check out that yummy (chocolate…again…sensing another theme here?) cake!
The games were rock star/celebrity themed, there were guitar confetti on the tables, my gifts for the games (and from them) had rock star elements…do they know me or what? I do believe it will be difficult for Eddie to grow up having Cort and me as parents and not have a wee bit of a love of music!

After a yummy lunch (those pita chips we had were so dang good, I think I could have eaten them ALL day), and games, it was gift time. Even my love, Erin Eik, sent a gift all the way from North Dakota! I was definitely feeling the love for Eddie today!
Cortney is excited (or so I am guessing) because thanks to my overly-generous friends, he now has a bouncy seat (thanks to Missy and Kim), a highchair (thanks to Whitney, Tara, Erin P, and Kristin), and a stroller (thanks to Tonya) to assemble. The bouncy seat is even the same theme as our nursery!

And the shower would not be complete with out Kelli’s handy work…I told her LONG ago (before I was even DATING Cortney) that when I had a baby, all I wanted was a diaper cake made by her…check it out…talent.
She even matched it exactly with the nursery stuff we registered for. I tell you…my friends are the best!

The day wouldn’t have been complete without a shot of the pregnant girls…Missy is just out of her first trimester (CORRECTION: Missy is five months…she just looks so dang tiny next to me and Erin), Erin is only 3 short weeks behind me, and then there is me…well, there are just no words for me are there?

Missy and I strike our signature poses while Erin just looks too cute!
Such a great day! Thanks to all the ladies for coming out to show me and Eddie (and Cortney) so much love and support! And thanks to Trisha for driving me down there in her van and taking all the great pictures! I had so much fun today seeing all my girls from WMU and all my scrapbooking buds, and of course, my BFF from the Windy City! You guys make even the most special things that much better just being you! I love you guys!!!! Eddie is so lucky to have so many aunties who love him too!

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  1. missy widener says

    posh (yes that is your new name), you are way too on top of things…love this post. these are the first pics I have seen of my new elvira hair….nice. and you look so good as usual! that is a good color on you…I am glad you liked the shower so much, we had fun doing it and I knew the theme was perfect for you….sooo, did cortney love his cake (oh no you did-int!) and better yet, his baby booty steven segal?! the whip. and ps- I am 5 months pregnant! halfway posh, way more than just out of the first trimester thank goodness…. and you may be even closer than a few months to meeting your lil man…..yes! I will be checking out that nursery soon….get rest! jt hosts snl next week….just sayin…


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