OB appointment – 16 weeks!

Hey family and friends! Today was my 16-week OB appointment. It was a pretty quick one (well, “quick” being relative…the wait was long, of course), but we have some more stats for you baby-watchers!

The first fun thing (and really the runner up for the Highlight of the Appointment award) is that I only gained ONE POUND! Ok, ok…some of you don’t realize how great this is…not necessarily for the pregnancy (it really doesn’t affect the pregnancy at all), but for me! I was SURE over the past four weeks–especially with the holidays–I was going to have put on about five pounds. I have been dreading that dang scale ALL DAY. So you can imagine my excitement when it was just one measly pound! YES!

And those of you who have seen me (or talked to me at all) over break know that I had to break down and buy some maternity pants last week. Most of my pants are just too tight for me to wear. This fact added to my certainty of a big weight gain. BUT…ONE POUND! Whoo Hoo!

Ok…the mini-celebration is over…and now on to the REALLY fun news…

The thing that DID win the Highlight of the Appointment award was that we got to schedule our ultra sound! You know what means….VERY soon we will find out if we have a boy or a girl in the oven! Our ultra sound is scheduled for 4:00 on Thursday, January 29. I am so dang excited about it…that is what the picture at the top is all about…that is us with our ultra sound paper!

What I am NOT excited about is the fact that my bladder needs to be full to do said ultra sound. You all know my “frequency,” so I am sure our Ultra Sound Blog will be interesting!

Other than those things, everything else is normal and great! The baby was moving around and had a heart rate of 142 this time…so it has slowed a bit, but is still in the “normal” range.

We did ask our doctor about the probability of our bouncing baby arriving on time since Cortney and I (both the oldest of our siblings) were two (or more!) weeks LATE. Our doc chuckled and said statistically speaking, we can pretty much expect to go beyond the due date. So don’t worry, Kenz and Dave…sounds like I will be the biggest bridesmaid EVER for you guys…but you may come home from your honeymoon as not just husband and wife…but as uncle and aunt too!

Look for another Baby Blog for sure on January 29…and if you haven’t voted boy or girl in the left column of the blog, you better do so…it’s a dead heat right now! You all seem to be pretty split on what you think!

That’s all for now! Thanks for the words of encouragement over the past couple weeks! Everyone has stories and advice and we appreciate all of your thoughts and concerns!

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  1. Dude, just had to do one with all the water drinkage and full bladderness– not nearly so bad as i thought. they let me go just as soon as they got the parts that they needed. =) may the force be with you!