Yes, Louis, There IS a Santa!

Nine o’clock came this morning with a husband and a cat in the bed telling me that Santa had come! We jumped out of bed, brushed our teeth, and settled down with our bursting stockings! What did Santa bring us this year?

Cort was super excited that Santa remembered that he has been talking about wanting to see Kung Fu Panda for about a hundred years! Ski-doosh!

And Santa also remembered my absolute love of all things REM! He brought me the Live CD/DVD! You better bet that was one of the first “toys” I busted out after all the paper was picked up!

The tree gifts matched the excitement of the stockings for sure! Cort got a Colts hat…now he can root for his favorite football team all year long.
And I got a new flurryville snowman for my collection. Cortney explained that he realized it wasn’t really our anniversary (this one is titled “Happy Anniversary” and has a cute couple on it), but that flurryville isn’t exactly available in June. I loved it!

A side-note here: notice the TV in the background. You better believe we had A Christmas Story on! It’s my favorite Christmas movie of all time! And yes, it’s still on as I type this, because really, can you see that movie too many times? Nope, didn’t think so!
Even Baby Sluiter was in the Christmas spirit and bought daddy a new T-shirt!
It was quite a haul this year in Sluiter Nation! Cortney enjoyed all of his many gifts…

…as did I! I got a some of all my favorite things this Christmas morning!

Cortney and I agree that even with all the fun family times, Christmas morning together as a little family is our favorite! We can’t wait to share it next year with our newest addition. Can you believe that next year at this time we will have a 6 month old opening gifts! What a crazy thought!

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