The Festivities Begin…

In an effort to keep up with all the fun that happens this time of year, I plan to be a blogging FOOL for the next couple weeks. I don’t want everything to end up in one big blog, so here we go…the first installation of Christmas 2008:

The first family fun actually happened last weekend when we got together with the Potter side of the family (Cortney’s mom’s side) for fun. I forgot my camera (what the heck was I thinking?!?!), so I don’t have any quality pics. It was an excellent time, though! Lots of great food and fun with all the (what seems like thousands of) Potter cousins. After great food and visiting, we had the annual gift exchange. That is always fun because they make it a game. We definitely had a great time!

Tonight, we had our party with Lynne, Cortney’s step-mom. All the Sluiter sibs braved the cold and snow and headed to Lynne’s newly remodeled house. The new remodel is AWESOME! Very impressive! And of course, the spread of food was outstanding too! We all dove right into all the great food we brought and that Lynne made! Mmmm!!!

After food it was on to gifts. Lynnes has always had the greatest tradition of stuffing monster bags full of gifts. This year was no exception, except that there was an extra little bag that I wasn’t expecting!

Lynne had scrounged up a homemade blanket by her ex-mother-in-law that was made in 1976. Since Lynne never had any babies of her own, she wanted us to have the blanket! Awww!!! It is so snuggly! I am sure Baby Sluiter will love it!

Then we got down to the rest of the gifts! Cortney, Dave, and Cody all got Rachel Ray bacon presses! Oh man! Lynne is clearly working on the idea that Sluiter men ROCK at breakfast food! I can’t wait until Sunday morning!

Dave opened a BUNCH of camping gear! I think Kenzie was just as excited! Lots of stuff to try out this summer!

Cody and Liz also got camping gear…a new tent! Liz was so excited she wanted to set up the tent in the backyard. Too bad there is about 100 feet of snow!
I got my new blender! Yeah! And the best part…it has an ice-crusher button! I guess that may have to wait until the baby is born…but that will be perfect timing for some much-needed margaritas!
Lynne got a bunch of nice gifts too…including a super fun picture of your truly with her cutie pie! Who WOULDN’T want that for a gift! 🙂
Oh man…Cort hit the jack pot with a bunch of DVDs, CDs, and other stuff! We had a really great Christmas party! It’s so great to be able to spend some quality time with Lynne as a family and we are so grateful to her for opening her home to us!
Our first few Christmas parties have put us in a very festive mood and we look forward to all the family fun we will have in the next couple days, and all the friend fun we will have in the next couple weeks!

Happy Christmas from Sluiter Nation!!!

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