The Excitement Continues!

Christmas Eve is a busy, but super fun night for the Sluiters. Every year we get together with my mom’s side of the family (the Hulst side) and we also go to Cort’s mom and step-dad’s house for family fun. This year we started by going to my aunt Lois and uncle Larry’s house. There was quite a spread! After all of us crazy people went through the first time, it almost looked like no one touched a thing! mmmmm!!!! After our feeding frenzy, we all moved to the basement for some gifts. My aunt Sandy took charge of handing out gifts to the wee ones (the great grands) first. So far, there are three great grands, with one on the way!

Everyone enjoys gift time! Especially Alex!

Even Cort and I got to open a little gift for baby Sluiter!

Aw! Jammies! Or as I like to call it: a baby bag! How cute!
Chris opened a BUNCH of gifts for Jack since Jack wasn’t with us. Jack got lots of great toys and clothes…which is fun because Chris just got his own place, and Jack will need some stuff at daddy’s house!
Shayla and Brody both dug into their gifts too! Watching little kids ooo and ahhh at the wrapped packages is really the best part of Christmas.
Brody got a trumpet! He has been asking Santa for one, and he was SOOOO excited to get a shiny new horn!
Shayla got some books and some puzzles, but her favorite gift was a bouncy seat for her baby doll.
After gifts, we had to leave the Hulst party and join up with Cortney’s family for some more Christmas extravaganza! When we got there everyone was just so excited to dig into the tree! Cort’s mom played a great Santa!
Mom and Ray and Cody and Liz both gave me some great maternity shirts. I was very glad because I wasn’t looking forward to wearing sweats to work.
Cody got some much-needed bowling gear. Cort told me we had to get Cody a bowling bag because he carried his ball into bowling each week just in his hand…and he still rented his shoes every week! So we go him a snazzy pair for Christmas too!
Kenzie got some Christmas jammies! Looking good!
Cort got all decked out in a bunch of shirts too! We will both be quite stylin’ in our new duds!
The shirt fairy wasn’t done yet…Ray got a couple new ones too!
And Dave got a nice warm vest! Perfect for all this cold weather we’ve been having!

Mother got some great gifts too…there’s her new Christmas bowl!

After all that present excitement, the pugs got plum tucked out! Elenor and Penny decided to take a little siesta–in the form of a pug pile–while the rest of us play some Partini late into the night!

Christmas Eve was so much fun…we could hardly believe there was a whole other day of gifting ahead! Cortney and I stumbled home after 11:00pm and promptly went to bed so that Santa would visit our house!

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