Someone is 30!!!

The bigger, and more exciting thing about today was that it was Cortney’s thirtieth birthday!!! It was a bit anticlimactic since I gave him his big gift a couple weeks ago: a Nintendo Wii. But he had some perks today. One, he didn’t have to wake up and shovel (which, if you consider the weather we’ve been having, really was quite a blessing). I felt bad because I went with Trisha to the Kate Gosselin book signing instead of being home, but then Cort reminded me that he had class tonight–which he didn’t want to skip since it was the last class before the final.

I did however, get home around 8:15 and give him a gift. I made him a photo book on of all our favorite pics together. I think he really liked it. He was quite smily while he read through it and remembered all the fun times we’ve had together in the past 3 years of marriage!
Then I baked him his favorite…chocolate frosting covered brownies! Here I am lighting the candles. I didn’t have 30 candles, so I just made a 30 out of regular candles. It was good because we didn’t burn the house down this way!
The birthday boy with his “cake!” Now come on, he doesn’t look 30, does he? 🙂

WHOOOO!!!! Look at all that smoke!

The birthday boy enjoys his brownie before calling it a day! Yum!
So now we are both 30…until the end of March…but we don’t have to talk about that just yet.

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