OB appointment- 9 weeks

Today I had my first OB exam. Cortney, being the super wonderful husband that he is, has decided that he wants to be there for all of my appointments. He is really great at thinking of questions that I don’t think of, or remembering to ask stuff that I maybe forget about. He also hears the WHOLE answer when the doc explains things, where I sometimes listen to just bits and pieces (I know, I know…hard to believe).

So, we went in this morning at 9:15. Doctor VanHeest did the routine cultures and exams that are typical of the first visit. No pictures of the embryo this time around, but according to the doc, everything seems to be how it should be. I haven’t had any cramping or bleeding, which I did have by this time in our last pregnancies, so we feel like we are looking good.

The doctor’s office also provided us with a slew of goodies to take home all crammed in a small plastic bag. Millions of brouchures, some samples, and the book What to Expect When You are Expecting were just some of the treasures in our goody bag of fun.

I do have to go in for some more bloodwork, but this time just the typical obstetrics panel of tests. I am also still taking my prometrium (progesterone supplement) until the end of November. Luckily some of my nausea has started to go away and I can keep food down a little better. I still get exhausted quickly, but i am looking forward to the burst of energy that is supposed to be coming in the next three weeks!

Speaking of three weeks…my next appointment is in three weeks–the day before Cortney’s 30th birthday–when I will be 12 weeks along and done with the first trimester. The doctor is anticipating that we will be able to hear the heartbeat at that point, so we are very excited! Cort is hoping for that little early birthday present! 🙂

We want to thank everyone for the outpouring of joy and thoughts and prayers you have blessed us with! We humbly ask that you continue to keep us and our little embryo (which is rapidly becoming a fetus) in your thoughts!

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  1. awesome. I am so happy for you both!