An Uneducated Voter is a Dangerous Voter

While I don’t usually bring up politics on this blog, I feel the need to reach out to all of my fellow American citizens of voting age.

I am not going to try to convert you into a liberal-minded voter, fear not! What I am merely urging you to all do is to turn off the annoying mud-slinging that is happening on TV, Fox News, CNN, and all the ridiculous email forwards out there–most of these things have very little truth in them–for any of the candidates or proposals.

Instead, I urge, encourage, and beseech you to educate yourself before you head to the polls on November 4th.

You need to decide for yourself–regardless of party affiliation–what issues you think are going to be the most important in our next president’s term in 2009. What are the biggest things–in your mind and heart–that America needs to face and deal with to turn around this horrible dive we are in.

Then you need to educate yourself on ALL of the campaign promises and views of the candidates.

A good way to do this is to find your local county’s website and read the proposals for yourself (instead of trusting the ridiculous verbiage of the latest commercials), and to also find a non-biased webpage (NOT WIKIPEDIA) that can tell you about the candidate. Obama and McCain’s OWN websites are not going to be non-biased, sorry.

If you live in Ottawa county, you can find all of the proposals on our ballot as well as the rest of the candidates for positions other than the presidency here:

Happy reading…I hope everyone who is EDUCATED finds their ways to the polls on Election Day. If you know nothing of what you are voting for, please stay home and watch the results from the couch! 🙂

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  1. fahshiz. I am SO over dirty campaign ads. over it. you would appreciate a video Jeff sent me about a hilarious, hillbilly lady and her reasons for her candidate choice…I will see if I can conjure it up…