Just When You Thought It Was Safe to Be a Cat…

Poor Louis! Some of you remember a blog I posted in January about Louis having an…uh…issue with digestion. Well, his issue is back. SO….if you are not a fan of poop updates, now would be the time to check out the pics and move on without reading. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!!!

Like I said, Louis had some constipation issues in January. The vet told us then that older cats tend to have this issue and that we will always have to be aware of his, um, bathroom habits. A couple weeks ago Cortney and I noticed that Louis was starting to occasionally leave some of his bathroom habits behind in the downstairs rooms. He was also throwing up a lot after eating.

At first we thought perhaps our cat has gotten sick of the fat jokes and become bulimic. He started getting VERY whiney too. He was also refusing to take his twice a week laxative. So, today Cort caved and called the vet. Sure enough, his previous issue was back, and he needed to be cleaned out. I won’t go into details, but it was not pleasant for anyone involved. Lucky for me, I was at work when all this happened.

Apparently the cat REALLY needed a bath when Cort got him home, so Cort closed himself in the bathroom with the cat and forced Louis into the bathtub. A little part of me wishes I could have seen that, but then he would have made me help…so I am pretty glad I just had to hear about it afterward.

Louis was much more into his food and water now that his guts have room for them. There he is having a light snack. You can see his carrier is outside…it needed to be sprayed out and cleaned. Anyone have any good ideas on how to get the smell of poo out of plastic? Anyone? huh.
Louis must have gotten over the fact that Cortney is the one who brought him to be violated, because he cozied back up to be brushed.

Yup, that is definitely the face of forgiveness. Louis will be ok…in fact, the vet did some blood work since Lou is 14 1/2 years old just to check his kidneys and liver…and guess what! Dr. Wilson was quite impressed with how great Louis’s health is. So aside from needing a daily laxative AND needing a once a week dose of metamusil mixed with his food, he is totally fine! Geesh!

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  1. Meyers Family says

    and we both posted about poo today! fun times………our cat leaves us fun treats at times in our basement, seriously, can’t they just learn to use the toilet? i mean we spend days/weeks/months trying to get our kids to do it…….