And We’re Back!

Yesterday was the first day of school! I really wasn’t looking forward to starting school–for one, I hate to see my summer end (I know, I know…most adults don’t get a summer break…but I love mine!), and two, they were predicting Tuesday, September 2 to be the hottest day of the summer. Ugh!

The day pretty much lived up to my low expectations. The kids were not happy to be there, my room was a toasty 98 degrees, and by the last hour of the day, I had to take my heels off because my feet were swollen from the heat.

Today, however, I found my groove! That is why the “back to school” picture above is from today and not yesterday. I was in no mood to smile yesterday!

Today we got down to business in my four English 11 classes and 1 Spanish I class. The kids were in the mood to do some activities and I had a great time learning names and doing grammar!

I also had lots of visits today from last year’s students, which always makes me feel good–plus one brought me homemade, authentic burritos for lunch. Mmmmmm!!!! I guess I didn’t need my lunch pal today…which, by the way, students tell me look like the coolers you transport organ transplants in. very appetizing, huh?

I was not the only one to go back to school yesterday! Cortney had his first day at GRCC yesterday. Doesn’t he look like he is so excited!?!?

Both of the classes he is currently taking are classes he needs for his degree in Computer Information Systems. He reported that his Tuesday night class doesn’t seem too difficult, and he’s hoping his Wednesday night class is a breeze too. I am sure he will do great because he really has a knack for anything that has to do with the computer, and my bet is that he’ll be hanging A’s on the refridgerator at report card time 🙂

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  1. seriously. your kids are awesome. that cooler is so from the X-Files movie. totally. love it. and you look spycee you lil teacher you!