Whitecaps Game with the Visels

I haven’t been to a Whitecaps game since high school, but that all changed last night! A few weeks ago Trisha and I were talking about how we should go, so Cort got online and bought us tickets right behind third base and the visitor dugout! The seats were so great, but the company was even better! It was Altogas Thrifty Thursday, so as soon as we got there we loaded up on $2 hotdogs and beer! mmm!!!If you’ve ever been to a Whitecaps game, you know they do ridiculous things between innings to keep the fans involved. Last night was no exception. First of all, it was Beatles night, so when they put pictures of the players on the screen, they all had the Beatle bowl cuts and big ole mustaches. The event people also dressed up as Seargent Pepper’s Lonely Heart Club. It was a little silly, but the funniest thing they did was fling hotdogs into the stands. Yup, the pig in the picture is pulling back a slingshot loaded with a wrapped hotdog. A good idea in theory, but once flung, the dog came out of the wrapper and bun and dog seperated and fell into the crowd. Definietly hilarious! Cortney and I had tons of fun! We didn’t make it to a Tiger game this summer, so we were pretty excited to get a little live baseball in!

Ben and Trisha disappeared for a beer refill and came back with the BEST gift ever for me…a FOAM FINGER! Oh man, I do NOT think they understood how much I was going to love that thing! Who loves her foam finger? THIS girl!
I loved my finger so much, that when Crash the Chipmunk walked over on the dugout, I had a bit of a “finger fight” with him. I can’t lie…I think he won.
After the game (which the Whitecaps won), I tried to stand on the dugout fo rmy picture, but apparently that is a no-no, because a tubby security guard came jogging over yelling at me. So, we settled for sitting on it instead. We had SOOO much fun with the Visels! We can’t wait to plan our next adventure with them!

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