The Days of Summer are Limited…

Our summer is very quickly coming to an end…not a fact we really like to own up to, but it’s true. To make the most of the precious moments we have left, we have inadvertantly made ourselves busy with a whole lot of fun! This weekend kicked it off. Friday night we met our good friends, the Visel Family, for dinner and fun at the marina. We had a tasty dinner up at the yacht club and then wandered down to the lawn area to check out the wine tasting that was going on. While we were down there, Cortney taught Jake the fine art of power walking. I think he was getting the hang of it! Trisha took Jake to the edge and peeked at some ducks that were swimming by.
We didn’t participate in the wine tasting…but we hung out and chatted with those who did. Check out the Barefoot Wine foot! It’s bigger than Trisha!
Jake had a great time running around the lawn finding people who would play with him.
He even took a minute to sit with his mom and check out some of the boats in the marina.
Trisha is usually behind the camera, so I thought I better get some pics of her with Jake. Here she is with Jake and her mom…three generations!

On Saturday, Cortney and I went to an open house for Grandpa and Grandma Potter’s 60th wedding anniversary. Later, we had dinner with our “Chicago friends,” Tonya and Jeremy Harbottle and Mat and Owen. After dinner we went to our house to hang out. Owen showed us his Olympic running skills in our backyard.
The rest of us just chilled on the patio. Jeremy and Mat shared a laugh or two.
When the bugs came out, we went in…and watched the Olympics!
We did take a break from the Olympics to play a little Guitar Hero…the best video game EVER! Tonya and Jeremy had never played, so they REALLY got into it!
Mat opted to play farm with Owen.

Here I am showing Tonya how it’s done! Yeah, making that face TOTALLY helps!
Cortney schooled Jer too…Sluiters RULE!
Even Owen rocked out…even if he wasn’t plugged in…:)
We had a fun weekend of lots of our favorite people! The next time we see our Chicago friends, school will have started! Where did our summer go!?!?!
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